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Thread: Dark of the moon in Libra, plant flowers and things that grow under the ground

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    Post Dark of the moon in Libra, plant flowers and things that grow under the ground

    Hello you turking gardeners!

    If you are in a region where you are enjoying weather suited to late summer and fall gardening, you may be interested to know that planting by the signs of the moon is something I have been dabbling at with some success.

    Today the moon is in Libra and we are in the dark of the moon. That means that we just had a new moon and today if you see the moon you will see a tiny sliver of the crescent of the moon, whose "horns" curve leftward, forming the rib of the letter D. You Librans know that you love beautiful things. FLOWERS are to be planted in Libra and ideal activities today while we are in the dark of the moon is to:
    • divide perennial flowers and plant them elsewhere, like lillies
    • propagation by separating daughter bulbs from parent plants: sedums, hen and chicks, and even houseplants that reproduce this way
    • plant flowering bulbs for spring: daffodils, tulips, crocuses, etc.
    • root cuttings of perennials, especially flowering plants, trees or bushes
    • plant vegetables that are really flowers like broccoli and cauliflower, or plants to produce blooms for eating (zuchinni blossom, nasturniums, violets, etc.

    So if you are done turking for the day or need a break, go outside and make things flower under the dark of the moon.

    happy happy saturday,

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    oooops! You just reminded me that I have some irises that need to be planted. I got them the other day. Out of sight, out of mind in the trunk of my car.
    Follow the yellow brick road.

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