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Thread: Delayed TurkAlert emails?

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    Delayed TurkAlert emails?

    Has anyone else noticed that sometimes it seems like there's a delay in getting the messages from TurkAlert? I mean, I've gotten messages saying so-and-so has work available, but when I click the link in the alert email, there's no more HITs left.

    I was just wondering if it was just me, or if it might be because I'm using Gmail. I missed out on some nice HITs because I didn't get there in time.

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    TA only goes for hits every minute and a half, then it has to process through thousands of users to who gets what email sent to them.
    Then there is a delay between sending the mail and actually receiving it in your inbox.

    So if the hits do not last more than 5 min, you are out of luck.
    Try the chatroom, it is quicker.

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    How do we get requesters added to the chatroom? Cause I've missed WDH like, the last 8 times due to this lag and I need those numbers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post
    How do we get requesters added to the chatroom?
    I think the chat room thing says just to ask spamgirl or something else and they will add it. (IIRC)

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