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Thread: Pizza Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by aerie View Post
    First question: Crust

    How do you like it?
    The crust is probably the least picky part about my pizza, I prefer something between pan and thin not too think not too thin but if it goes more one way or another it doesn't bother me as much as cheese or sauce would!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alt_key View Post
    I wish we had more non-chain pizzerias around here. Pizza Hut/Dominoes/Little Caesar's/Hungry Howies/Papa John's are all we have where I live. Not impressed with Domino's, even after their image change. Papa John's is my preference.
    When I want delivery and don't have cash I now choose papa johns. I can't stand dominos new robust sauce its too "robust" for my simple tastes. Sometimes I can find a coupon online that gives you extra points and when you get 25 reward points you get a free pizza so that's what I have been doing lately. There is a small non-chain place called pizza house they are the MOST consistent pizza place I have ever been always the same taste great quality food and its 9$ for a large pizza!

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    What you said about Domino's sauce made me smile. My spicy tolerance is low and I remember thinking it was "spicy" the first time I tried their new sauce. I do like their new crust, though.

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    Speaking of Papa John's, if you're in the St. Louis area (I know there are at least a few of us here) and like their stuff, you might consider checking out this promotional offer for 50% off the day after the Blues win a game and score 3+ goals. http://blues.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=86353

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    Crust is most important to me. Sauce is to my hubbie. I can go either thin crispy or thicker, but I'd prefer a pan pizza. Toppings, totally artichoke and caramelized onions. tasty...

    Do we have any pineapple topping fans out there?

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    I usually order from Dominos and like that I can personalize one a great deal while also using a coupon (charging back $1 per extra amount of each topping though). I like to order less cheese and more of certain toppings. I also like ordering online from them because I get to watch the meter that shows each step and it starts flashing when they're out to make the delivery.

    I've tried ordering from a local place just down the street so I can walk over to pick it up, but their website is horrible. I've tried three times recently to order online and had to give up. I hate the idea of calling them even though they do offer Blue Bell ice cream pints as a dessert choice.

    I used to order from Papa John's but the manager and other employees who answer the phone here are extremely rude at times. They shame people for trying to use coupons or requesting items they no longer carry..instead of just nicely stating that they no longer make those items and no longer take certain coupons. Too hostile towards customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gelalila View Post
    Do we have any pineapple topping fans out there?
    Yes! I just ordered a pizza a few days ago with extra pineapple! ..with canadian bacon, italian sausage, and mushrooms (to replace the bell peppers since they no longer like me).
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    Uno's in the Chicago area (I ate it in Madison, Wisconsin) and Mazzio's in Oklahoma. I don't remember specific favorites from Uno's (it's been years), but Mazzio's spinach pizza and chocolate chip pizza are both amazing. And they come with an excellent salad bar.

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    Pizza Planet used to offer a smoked oyster pizza. My favorite flavor at the time (hadn't had it in so long, not sure if I'd still like it).

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    I had a buffalo chicken, pineapple and jalapeno thin crust pizza yesterday that so good. Never would have thought to put those things together on my own but they just work.
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    Had to revive this, because if you guys haven't made pizza at home in a cast iron skillet you're missing out. I made a deep dish style pizza a couple days ago and about died of happiness. And my boyfriend said he fell in love with me all over again

    Basically, you assemble your crust (I made mine but you can use store bought too), sauce, cheese and toppings, then you put the skillet on a burner on HIGH for roughly three minutes. This isn't to cook the pizza, just the get the bottom of the pan very, very, hot. Then you stick it in the oven for ~15 minutes, depending on the thickness of crust. The bottom browns and get crispy, mine was definitely better than a pizza stone version.

    If your cast iron is new(ish), you should rub olive oil on the bottom so it won't stick, but if it's a well seasoned pan you should be fine. Seriously, try it sometime.

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    I think I'll try the cast iron pan pizza today! I have lived in three great pizza cities, Chicago, NY, and Philadelphia. I am a pizza purist - just sauce and cheese...I hate franchise pizzas all except Red Lobster's Margarita style lobster pizza. Real tomatoes, lobster, basil, cheese and a crust to die for.

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