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Thread: BBQ Food

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    LOL, I do mine a little different than what you have pictured, but end result is very similar. Next time I make 'em, I'll try to snap some photos. Where you sliced them down the side (length) of the pepper, I cut the top (stem) off, then hollow them out. I like to quickly par boil them to remove some of the 'crunch' factor. The stuffing (cream cheese, hot pepper jack cheese, hot italian sausage (precooked)) is shot into the peppers with a plastic caulk gun. Then 1/2 slice of center cut bacon gets wrapped just around the top because the bottom of the peppers have to fit in a stand to go on the grill. I sprinkle cayenne on the top of the stuffing. I try to get peppers that are a good 3-4" long. It does make 'em harder to do if the peppers are smaller.

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    ya, I make little canoes out of them. Very easy to fill them up and put the 'cap' on them. It's a little more work but I like the results.

    I like to quickly par boil them to remove some of the 'crunch' factor.
    I cooked these on the barbeque with indirect heat at 225-250F (there are some hot spots on this BBQ)... but in the end there were no crunchy jalapenos. All of them were soft and super easy to bite into. If your recipe calls for X minutes and they're still crunchy... then just leave em there for a while longer. No harm done.
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