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Thread: Mechanical Turk Workers Are Not Anonymous (That Includes YOU!) Please Read

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    I had a funny thing happen. I wanted to verify my email address so I went into my Google contacts and found that I had not updated/changed my work email. So the gal that took my previous position was on my info along with her pic. It was trying to link the two of us (since the email address was the same). No, no ... don't want that! I got that fixed and then I decided to have a look at the rest of my Google information and found that I had a webpage that was definitely outdated. So I spent several hours upgrading that so it looked halfway decent. It hadn't been updated since 2009 so it definitely needed to be worked on. I have a new (and better) logo and I refined the wording. So many things to keep up with ... everything needing updated and monitored. Wow, we are slaves to the dear old computer at times! LOL
    Success comes to those who have proceeded to do what the rest of us have always intended to do.

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    Wow, I am glad there is nothing embarrassing on my wishlist.

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    Really appreciate this info for helping to protect our privacy...thanks so much!

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    I found four site that listed my worker ID# Two of them just said I did a survey and that's fine. One of them gave the results of a music sampling that I thought was interesting (still no problem).

    Then there is this one from five years ago. It lists my ID#, age, zip code, and if I could break their code my income level and gender.


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    I found about 4 results, none of which were telling. One was from a study I took part in sometime. It was interesting to see my results, but I wish I knew what the study was about.

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    Thank you for the info! Just finished editing all of my public profile settings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spamgirl View Post
    This is an excerpt from an article posted online yesterday:


    If you're already full steam ahead on mTurk, you don't want to change your turking account now. Instead:

    - change your publicly shown name on Amazon to not be your real name ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profil...ef=cm_pdp_edit )
    - also remove your location, photo, etc. and set all items you don't want shared to Private
    - delete any reviews on products you don't want people to know you bought
    - ditto for tags
    - Google your worker ID to see what can be found

    Once you're comfortable with what is being shared, you can feel private again
    Excellent information! I would never have known!
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    Thank you for the information! I'm brand new to Turking and I have changed my public information.

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    Thanks so much for the information. I've had an Amazon account for years. Deleted my photo and changed name. Now, I feel comfortable :]

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    Being new here I do appreciate this information. I just went and made my entire Amazon profile "private". I have no idea how to create a separate Mturk account. I wouldn't want to mess things up by doing so........so I hope making my profile private is good enough.

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