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Thread: WARNING for users of ShareWith.Me - if you have the app installed, you can't help TN

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    WARNING for users of ShareWith.Me - if you have the app installed, you can't help TN

    The ShareWith.me extension overwrites our affiliate ID in the "Shop on Amazon" tab on our site, so if you make a purchase, the money doesn't go to TurkerNation, but instead to the owner of ShareWith.me. We sadly found this out the hard way when one member was buying "through our link", so he thought, but it was actually the SW.M link instead.

    If you want to give us a commission on your purchases, you need to either:

    a) Turn off the SW.M extension, restart your browser, and then shop through OUR link


    b) Install the SW.M extension in a different browser and only open it to do your weekly sharing. For example, if you use Chrome to access TurkerNation, install SW.M in IE or Firefox.


    c) Remove the extension completely. For what it's worth, now that there is only one winner a week, your average chances of winning are once every three years. Personally, I've removed the extension and am boycotting the site as it hijacks our affiliate link without telling us it will do so.

    This really complicates things, and I'm sorry you have to go through all of these steps. It's really surreptitious of someone to put such a script into their addon without telling anyone!

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    I've been asked to post the following:

    How to Remove the Extension


    Right click this link and choose to open it in a new tab.

    Find the SW.M extension and click the trash can to remove it.


    To open your extensions, hold ctrl+shift+a.

    Find the SW.M extension and click Remove.

    Restart your browser when it asks you to.

    Internet Explorer

    Click Tools and then Manage Add-Ons.

    If it isn't already highlighted, choose Toolbars and Extensions.

    Choose ShareWith.me and then click Disable.

    Close IE.

    Click Start then Control Panel to bring up the Windows Control Panel.

    Click Programs and Features.

    In the uninstall window, look for ShareWith.me and highlight it, then click Uninstall.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to completely remove the toolbar from your computer.

    It must also be removed from Facebook!


    Right click this link and choose to open it in a new tab.

    Click Show All Apps.

    Find the SW.M app (hold ctrl+f and type in share to find it easily) then click the X to the right of it. Click the Remove button which comes up.
    It's all good.

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