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Thread: Do you kiss your pets?

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    I'm a pet kisser. I don't like dogs licking my mouth and face but I share kisses with my cats.

    And then I go wash my face because I know where their faces have been.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SileMarie View Post
    I used to kiss all my cats. Now I only kiss Stewie and Jasmine ever since Patches has earned the new nickname Stinky!!!! She's so gross but I still love her. She only gets kisses on shower days. Yes you read that right. She has severe seizures so has to sleep in a crate for her own safety. Also she never learned or bothered to clean herself.
    I have a dog that has always been really stinky and has seizures. I'm actually still crazy enough to kiss on the mouth some days. But, if I got to see her more, I know that it would be important to feed her better. I have tried feeding her a lot of things like soft vegetables and meat, but it seemed that she could not handle the food so well. Be sure your pet gets enough real food in their diet. Cats love meat and good meat should be fed to them raw.

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