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Thread: The truth about penny HITs

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    But it's a tossup between that and increasing your numbers to make 5000.

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    In the beginning I'd do the 1 and 2 cent hits when I noticed I wasn't qualified for much and needed better numbers. I also didn't know really what hits to do.

    I wasn't on any forums until today but I had already learned on my own what was worth it and what was not. I'm over 11k hits now and looking to make this more efficient.

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    The penny hits have been pretty helpful for me getting numbers up, but more importantly, learning how to use MT. I've started expanding to picking new peeps to do HITs for, slowly, but surely.I do hope at some point I'll be able to make a little more, and also understand all the qualifications things. I guess I need to start reading on forums.

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    I've just been biting the bullet and completing the penny HITs nonstop over the past few days. Just started, so I've got to get into the game somehow. Such low payouts though

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    bump. Thankyou. Newbie.

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    Wow..thank you for the info and breakdown!! Sometimes we forget how much time we are willing to utilize for these tasks and what our minimum should be. This helps!!

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    I have to say that it took me about fifteen minutes to figure out that penny HITs were a total waste of my time. It didn't occur to me to have multiple tabs open and just switch through them, but even with that I still cannot see them being worth it.

    I'm a total newb right now and I'm not having any trouble finding HITs that pay at least $0.03 each and not for batch work, either. I do some surveys, but that's because I find them interesting. They generally pay pretty poorly. $1.00 for 45 minutes is really pretty awful but the surveys are often really interesting so I count that as part of the compensation.

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    I agree. I've done way too many penny hits myself.

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    Penny hits are good for getting your numbers up..

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    I agree, it's helped me with my rate.

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