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Thread: The truth about penny HITs

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    This had good information about the penny hits. Geohives are great, when they're available

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    As others have said, I did penny hits because they are generally mindless and quick. A lot of the "meatier" HITs are behind those approved HIT stats and the like.

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    I did a lot of lower paid hits when I started to get my hit count up.

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    The lower pay ones are good for building up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharSines67 View Post
    Here is my perception on this truly important issue - though it's not wholly original to me.
    Before I start I'd like to say that freelancing - which is what we do - is not war. There aren't any trenches, rank structure, or anything else in place to prevent you from completing any HIT for which you are qualified. For some, this is income (either full-time, part-time or a fluctuation of both) for others its "play" money. I'm not judging anyone, b/c anyone outside of the US can't "cash" out and must treat it as play money in a way. Enough.

    Penny HITS are a joke. Though, we've done this to ourselves, sadly. By accepting them, completing them, and returning them "worked" we have told requesters that our work product is worthless. We don't value ourselves, so neither should they. "What's that? You want a 500 word article on the spinning habits of the purple legged monk tree spider in 15 minutes, with full source citations, that will fully pass Copyscape for $0.12? Bending over now."

    Harsh? Yes. True? Yes.

    As a whole, we as turkers have trained requesters that wherever electricity and internet services are available, we'll work for nearly nothing. Take the math from frb who began this thread. It boils down to $4.37 per hour, on average. Now start subtracting your business overhead; electricity, internet, business machine (computer), banking fees to receive your money (as applicable) etc. NOW how much do you make?

    It is our responsibility as Turkers to RE-train requesters that we WILL NO LONGER work in our own personal sweat shops. Our research, data entry skills, transcription, writing, opinions, etc are worth a living wage. Can't / won't pay us what we need? Go elsewhere to get the work done. We articulate ourselves not by messaging and communicating on the various requester threads. We speak loudest to them by ignoring their ridiculous 15-50 entries per .02 HITS. Eventually they'll come in here (the Forum) and ask what's up. THEN we tell them - professionally - that for pocket change they need to change the format or keep the format and up the pay. Then sit back and wait.

    Have I ever worked a "penny" HIT? Yes. For some of the reasons already stated. I'm very selective with mine - I won't work for less than .05. Not all nickel HITS are the same. The ones I choose, from a requester who will remain anonymous due to Forum Rules, I am able to zip through while maintaining quality and adhering to my personal work ethic. I make money with these. They aren't rejected, and are approved and paid quickly.

    I've done enough preaching for the day, and if anything I've said has come across as ugly, it wasn't intended in that way. Everyone who knows me in the "real" world knows that I'm direct, clear, and not know for sugar-coating anything. My students used to tell my I "kept it real." Feel free to respond here or via PM with any rebuttal. I have a stack of big girl panties handy just in case I need to deal with things.
    I just started turking on June 21. The post above is from what? 5 years ago? And we still have not trained the requesters to not post HITs which only pay 0.01.

    Why? I think it's because for every turk who holds out for better pay, there are 10,000 turks who do the one-penny HITs. How can we make this better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di_AngeloT View Post
    I just started turking on June 21. The post above is from what? 5 years ago? And we still have not trained the requesters to not post HITs which only pay 0.01.

    Why? I think it's because for every turk who holds out for better pay, there are 10,000 turks who do the one-penny HITs. How can we make this better?
    I feel very similar. I'm somewhat new. I think I did a few HITs a year ago but then stopped because it didn't seem worth it. I've only been doing it regularly since June. I decided to come back into it because I thought it'd be okay to supplement the income from my part time job and I can't really find any better ways to make money. This isn't Mturk's fault. This seems to be the way our society is. Even part time jobs are not good at paying you really. I am guilty of doing penny hits once in a while because the ones that pay more either don't seem like I can do them or I don't meet requester's qualifications. It's ironic because I've seen plenty I'd be perfect for yet I can't do them because it says I don't have the qualifications. It's like they don't want me to make decent money.
    Surveys are generally okay on here but there aren't very many of them and even this place occasionally has surveys you don't even qualify for after you start taking them.
    I wish I could get past the 1000 mark so I can stop having to do the penny hits. It seemed to take me long enough just to get 500. Now it seems even more difficult to get to 1000 even though I'm at 600 already. A lot of the hits that seem like I can do and would pay more decently are ones that I can't do yet. Ugh it's like putting a bowl of ice cream in front of you and telling you you can't have it.

    I do see a particular type of task that is a penny hit worth doing but I have been worried about doing much on it in case I did it wrong. I bet by the time they approve the 2 that I already did.. a significant number of hits available will be gone. That's another thing a lot of the good hits have a limited number and by the time I see it there are no more available. I was never good at competition so I couldn't possibly be fast enough to snatch the limited ones.

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    I just joined this group and I would be thrilled to make a living on mTurk! Definitely something to strive for. thank you.

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    There's a lot of good information here. This is good for newbies like me.

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