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Thread: All answers about abandoning HITs are here

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    Haha, now I know why I have 17 abandoned. For the first few days I was using IE before switching to Firefox. And I would get the warning message and I would say yes and it would refresh. I really can't remember my first few days, so I just thought that wow, I must have been a total moron that day. I feel better now.

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    This has happened to me a lot... less so now that I really am starting to understand how everything works. It is mostly from HITs being auto-accepted, I believe. I hope the abandoned rates don't start counting for much, because I have quite a few!

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    Don't worry too much about your abandoned rate. If it's a serious concern for you, check your HITs Assigned to you tab frequently to ensure there are none that you're missing. That's the most common cause of abandoned HITs. I know I do it from time to time. One of those "User error: Please replace user" sort of moments

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    Quote Originally Posted by mykel99945 View Post
    When I first started turking, I was getting a lot of abandoned hits too. What was happening is that for some of the hits when I would load them, I would get the warning from Internet Explorer something like "This page contains both secure and non-secure content, do you want to load the non-secure content". If I would click yes, it would refresh the page. So if I accepted a hit from a batch, then that warning came up, when it reloaded the page it would accept the next hit as well. I never knew they were there so they were abandoned.

    I found you can disable that warning in IE, so I did that since in my many years of internetting I've never clicked no on that warning box.
    I'm shocked. I never knew that and never thought to look. Thanks.

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    I have this problem sometimes too. Not sure what causes it, it's annoying, because I have a system for one requester where I absolutely finish all the hits I accept, and still sometimes I come away with apparently random abandoned ones.. but I don't pay much attention to it anymore.

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    This happens to me all the time with a few different requester that limit the hits you can do. I click the auto accept button and then forget to return the hit when that stupid "you've done all the hits you can, thanks so friggin much" page pops up.

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    I've noticed that this sometimes happens if you refresh while doing a HIT (e.g., if the HIT doesn't load). If you have the auto-accept box checked, refreshing will accept a NEW HIT instead of just refreshing your current HIT. If you don't pay attention to the page that lists the HITs that are currently assigned to you, you might miss a few HITs that you didn't even know were assigned to you! It took me a long time to figure this out; I was always confused by my abandonment rate, then realized it was the refreshing that was doing it.

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    Thanks so much, and am very grateful to learn that returned hits do not negatively effect you. I have returned several already in my two weeks turking that seemed suspicious or not worth my time.

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    Abandoned rate

    here's a newbie question. What does the abandoned rate signify? Is it as significant as rejection rate? Since it's still unclear to me, I'm not sure how I'm abandoning the HITs besides from the obvious reasons (ie, I didn't finish the HIT before the allowed time frame).

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