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Thread: All answers about abandoning HITs are here

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    Thank you, I feel a bit better about it now I was freaking out when I saw it. I will keep an eye on my claimed HIT's to make sure I don't miss anything else.

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    I know I'm bumping a (kind of) older thread, but I just noticed I now have an abandoned hit. ARGH! The only thing I can think that happened is that maybe I auto-accepted it without knowing?! Now I know to watch my assigned hits to make sure I don't have other crazy mystery-accepted hits hanging around out there just waiting to bite me in the behind.

    Thanks for the info in this thread! It makes me feel a bit better about what may have happened and why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RippedWarrior View Post
    I have been vexed by something similar - as far as I know, I've only abandoned one HIT (timed out while I was working on it), yet my dashboard says I've abandoned 31 HITs.
    Me too. It says I have 33 abandon hits. I didn't accept 33 hits that I didn't do.

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    After being puzzled by these abandoned Hits on my dashboard for almost 2 years I finally figured out when it happens: when either my browser crashes/freezes and I have to close and re-open it, or when there's a power cut. On both occasions, when I re-open the browser it brings up the Hit I was working on (if it hadn't expired yet) - or so I thought! But what really happened was that for some reason it was loading the next Hit in the batch, and the one I had been working on was sitting in my "Hits assigned to you" page, expiring without me knowing about it.

    So now I check there first if/when electricity or my browser leave me.

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    I noticed I had some too-I realized that when I did some Dolores ones I would get a message saying thank you for your hard work right after accepting the hit. I never could do the hit and saw one in my 'hit assigned to you' folder-I think that is how I got some abandoned ones. Otherwise, I am at a loss because I can't figure out how I got 4% abandoned!!

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    When I first started turking, I was getting a lot of abandoned hits too. What was happening is that for some of the hits when I would load them, I would get the warning from Internet Explorer something like "This page contains both secure and non-secure content, do you want to load the non-secure content". If I would click yes, it would refresh the page. So if I accepted a hit from a batch, then that warning came up, when it reloaded the page it would accept the next hit as well. I never knew they were there so they were abandoned.

    I found you can disable that warning in IE, so I did that since in my many years of internetting I've never clicked no on that warning box.

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    Abandonment Rate?

    I'm brand new, so I'm probably doing something wrong I noticed I have 3 HITs listed as abandoned. As far as I know, I haven't left any that I haven't returned undone. Is there a common mistake I could be making?

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    When a posting has a lot of hits associated with it, it's easy not to notice when you've accidentally gone onto the next hit. I usually inadvertently do that by accidentally hitting a CTRL+key combo that takes you off the current page. While you're turking, regularly click on the Hits Assigned To You tab to see if you've left any behind. You want to catch those before the timer goes out.

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    Thanks for the tip!

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    Abandoned rate

    Your rejected value can effected what HITs you can accept.

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