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Thread: All answers about returning HITs are here

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    It is far, far better to return a hit than to turn in crappy work for both you and the requester.

    Requesters know this. Some even encourage you to return it if it's not going to be right.

    My return rate is 7.9 right now. That's down a little bit. I do a lot of quick, successive hits, and (I just looked) I've actually returned 1215 hits to date. Just sometimes I get to the next, automatic hit, and I am uncomfortable completing it because I am unfamiliar with the subject. Don't want to turn it poor work. So I return it.

    Never been a problem.

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    My return rate is 3.6%. For most requesters, it doesn't matter what your return rate is, but I do recall one or two hits that looked at it. I still feel uncomfortable returning a hit, since I feel it reflects poorly on me. But I usually look intensively at a hit before I accept it, so I don't run into this problem.

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    I hope no one looks at the return rate because I've been more picky than usual lately which is driving my return rate up. I'm not sure if Jon Leger looks at return rate, because mine is over 6% and I was still able to take his qualification test.

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    very helpful info TY

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    My return % is pretty high right now, 17.6% but I just started and they were all HITs that couldn't be completed anyway

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    I kind of getting worried about my return % too. Sometimes I can't complete surveys for various reasons and have to send them back.

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    I do a lot of Oscar Smith business cards. I have to return a lot because they don't tell you in the instructions how to do foreign addresses. Also, many are blurry or upside-down. Then, I do SpeakerText, and sometimes I just can't understand the accents or they are talking over each other. So my return rate is 33%. So far, haven't seen any consequences on that.

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    what is the difference between abandoned and returned? are the abandoned ones where the timer ran out or something?

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    Yes, you are right shaksy. abandoned to me means the page didn't load all the way and I lost the hit. <.<

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    do the requesters know who returned their HITS ? I found good writing HITS and accepted them thinking I had time to do them all, and I SHOULD have but I am WAY over thinking the writing when the examples they gave were simple. It was all the same requester and I feel really bad about it, that I didn't get finished-I feel like I should email the requester and apologize. I'd hate to get blocked my first week.

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