I started on MTurk a little over a month ago and my goal was to earn enough to renew my XM radio in my car. I refuse to pay full price for the renewal subscription and haven't for the past 3 years since I got my car with XM Radio in it. Just called now to do the renewal and had to do the whole song and dance about not being able to afford the full price, with the first rep saying they couldn't offer me back-to-back promotions, so I said I wanted to cancel. She transferred me out of the country to talk to cancellations and then I was told that since I've been such a good customer and that he could see that they offered me a promotion last year, that he could do it again this year! How amazing! So, I got my renewal for 1/2 price again. Of course I'll have to do the whole thing again next year, but it's worth it to save 1/2 of the cost! And hopefully by then, I'll know how to earn more money on MTurk.