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Thread: Cats vs Dogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cander View Post
    I've never found cats very interesting. IMO most are boring. Same for certain dogs too though.

    I like best the type of dogs that are able to learn tricks and also express unique personality quirks (which, of course, I'm sure some cats do too). I've never had a cat, but kept my grown daughter's dog for months at a time while she was in college. That dog was hilarious - when she knew I was getting ready to leave the house, she'd bring a toy to me and tempt me to grab it away from her..only to suddenly run away with it and then peek around the corner to see whether or not I was chasing her. That always amazed me that the dog was smart enough to tease me like that..and if I did happen to have chased her, she'd almost explode in delight!
    Lol my dog does the same thing its hilarious. Personally I'm probably more partial towards dogs but I could go either way.

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    I am totally a cat person. I've rescued countless cats over the year, as young as one day old when we lived on the family farm. That being said, I don't think I've ever gotten to know a dog i didn't like. My favorite dog was an ex boyfriend's border collie. That was an amazingly smart and interesting dog.
    I tried being normal once.

    Worst two minutes of my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDxK View Post
    I know everybody has a personal favorite between cats and dogs, so whats your favorite?

    I would have to say dogs, specifically small dogs like Jack Russells and the like. I wouldn't say I particularly hate cats, I just don't like the fact that they crap in a box of sand.
    I have both. Cats are so much easier to take care of, but with dogs, you get to go out in the world with one of your best friends. Even if you just feel like getting out because it's a beautiful day, you can take your dog with you and not be lonely or appear weird.

    Cats are entertained for about 20 minutes and then they are off to go groom themselves, yet again, and sleep. Dogs are always ready to go. So, depending on how you feel that day, if you are tired or full of energy, either one can be accommodated.

    The only thing I don't like about dogs, (and this is trivial, it doesn't mean I don't like dogs), is when they let you know they have to go....and it's 3am....and so you get up out of bed, begrudgingly, put on your shoes, open the door, go out in to the still night and wait for them to do their business. And wait. And wait. And......wait. Why? Because apparently 3am is the best time EVER to sniff every single inch of the yard looking for the PERFECT spot to go.

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    Both. I had two shih tzu for years - Rusty and Gizmo. They were my "boys". Loved them to pieces. They are gone now and I still miss them. Lots of good memories of all the funny little things they used to do like chasing ice cubes and running to fetch their toys whenever we had company. Now I have two cats - Sansa and Arya. They are gray and white and look identical. They are sisters. They are too funny and so much fun to watch and mess with.

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