Create a Qualification

Go here.

Click on .

Friendly Name: I'd recommend using your requester name, date and HIT type. For example, Spamgirl 12.8.13 Write a Paragraph About Dogs
Description: Describe the work this qualification entitles the Worker to do. For example, Workers with this qualification can write a paragraph about dogs.

Assign Qualifications

Need a list of great workers? I have one! PM me for more information

Paste each Worker ID at the end of this URL:

For example,

Click .

Check the box next to your new Qualification, enter a score (100 is fine), then click on .

Repeat for every Worker on your list.

Once Done

You may now select your qualification when creating new HITs and your list of trusted Workers will be the only people able to complete the work. Yay!

In the GUI, choose the template you wish to use. Note that the sentiment and categorization templates do NOT allow you to use a qualification and force you to use Masters. You must use the Other template to create your HIT instead.

On the Enter Properties tab, fill out all the information requested. When you get to the bottom, click Advanced >>. (It is just above the button.)

Click Worker Requirements >>.

In the drop down menu, choose Customize Worker Requirements...

Click Remove to the right of Masters, and do the same for HIT Approval Rate (%) for a greater than or equal to 95.

In the remaining row, choose the qualification you just created in the first drop down box, then Has Been Granted in the second drop-down menu.

Click . A warning will come up about the fact that you're not using Masters, but this is just a way to try to get 20% extra fees, so say OK and move on.

Design your HIT and you're ready to go!