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Thread: Guide for new members of Turker Nation and those thinking of signing up

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    Guide for new members of Turker Nation and those thinking of signing up

    Guide to new members of Turker Nation

    Welcome to Turker Nation! This is a forum for people that perform the tasks at mTurk, known as Turkers. If you are a requester on mTurk this guide isn’t for you - PM Spamgirl with your mTurk Requester Name and she will update your account to give you full access.

    Now, where is the good stuff on the forum? The truth is that we limit new members to only a few sections of the board until we get to know you better - this protects us from spammers and scammers who would love to infiltrate the forum. The best way for us to get to know you is by for you to post in the areas you DO have access to. When you've fulfilled the requirements, you should soon find yourself able to access to the other parts of the forum.

    We recommend you drop by the Turker Introductions area and start a thread introducing yourself. You can start off by telling us what HITs you like to do and any details about yourself that you feel comfortable in sharing. You will find many helpful people on the board that will talk to you there. Next, feel free to drop by mTurk General where we talk all about mTurk. If you have any questions about mTurk feel free to ask in the mTurk Questions area.

    Being thoughtful and respectful towards others on the board will get you far. Our purpose is to share what we know about mTurk and asking nicely will get many to help. Do the opposite and many of us will not reply and you may get an earful from those who do!

    To avoid getting into trouble with the moderators, please take the time to read the rules - they are a guide to how to behave here in a manner that is respectful to all. Breaking our rules repeatedly, or just one of our major rules, will lead to you being banned from the board. That's no way to be!

    So welcome to the forum and we hope you enjoy your stay!

    Edited to add: If you want to post but don't see the correct forum where your post should go, please read this before posting.

    A quick way to gain full access is by participating in the Daily HIT Threads!

    Note: please do not feel pressured to post! You are welcome here even if you don't post, and there is no rush to get full access. Most of the forum is freely available, so enjoy your time here and if you do get full access, enjoy that too.
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