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Thread: What are your pets names?

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    I just rescued an Alaskan husky and her name is dani!

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    Big, sweet, loving cat named Apollo

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    I have a dog named Lily, because I bough a table from a lady named Lily the same day. It seemed only right, plus I kinda liked her name

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    3 cats - luci-furr, gabi and vyse (vice)

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    I have a Russian Blue named Tiger. He used to be named Tiger Lily (Lily for short), but back then we mistakenly believed he was female!

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    I have a beautiful black kitty named Kismet. I found her in a storm drain near my house during horrible winter weather. I work for an Animal Shelter and generally have a foster or two in residence as well. Right now I have two adorable kittens with kitty colds. They are named Janie Rizzoli and Maura Isles. Not sure if we can post pix here, or I would! <3 I also have a Mollucan Cockatoo named Iko.

    Meri - Admitted Crazy Cat Lady

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    I've got 2 Carolina dogs, well we think one has some Rhodesian in him. Boy and a girl. Rylie and Ellie. They're literally two of the things that make me the happiest in life. If I could just go live with my dogs out west and not have to worry about people I'd be just fine with that. Dogs won't let you down like people will.

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    There are two Aussies in control of the house, Bandit and Blaze. The Vampire Snake King Duzzell (Duzzie) is just along for the ride.

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    Crazy cat lady here again. Currently in residence:
    Seven: Foster kitty. About 3 yrs old, dilute tortie. Shy but sweet. Loves rubbing faces and being snuggled but will hide if she heats or sees someone new.
    Charlotte, Peanut and Milo: 9 wk old baby foster kitties. Just were spayed and neutered yesterday. Will go up for adoption tomorrow. They'll go fast, they're super cute and friendly! I'll miss them but I'll have more soon.

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    Peanut, Charlotte and Milo were adopted in 2 days. Being a glutton for punishment (and a fool for cutie pie kittenlets), I brought home 5 more to foster. They were born at a gas station and are from mixed litters. They trapped another today so now I have 6. They are a rambunctious group, 5 b/w, 1 tabby, 1 5 wk old, 3 6 wk olds, 2 7 wk olds.

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