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Thread: When will I get my earnings?

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    i havent gotten paid for any of mine yet even from a week ago

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    Do we start getting paid ON the 10th day of doing hits, or AFTER 10 days of doing hits (i.e. 11th day)? I just want to know when to start looking. My 10th day is tomorrow!

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    My money started getting credited to my payment account on the 10th or 11th day of turking.
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    Ok, I am now 10 days in and active each day. Not long after my first HIT today, money started funneling into Amazon Payments.

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    I am on day 7 and got my first report but my balance still shows $0.. guess I need to wait til day 10 or so. Was wondering where it was!

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    Is there a minimal amount you have to make after the 10 days you have to wait until you can withdrawal money to your bank account? such as if I have $5 in my Amazon payments, can I withdraw that or is there a minimum of $10? Also does it cost anything to withdrawal money? Thanks.

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    It does not cost anything to withdraw and transfer. You have to have a minimum of $10 to transfer to your bank account and $1 to transfer to an Amazon gift card.

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    Hi. I hope someone can help me. I have done almost 5000 hits, have 99% quality, good standing, etc. Mturk has my SS#, never had a problem getting paid. However, I have one requester who has my hits pended since Nov. 8, 2012. He is listed as a slow payer, but isn't that a bit extreme. If so, what's my next step? Any insight by you long time turkers is appreciated.

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    There is an option for requesters to let work auto approve in 30 days. Sounds like that is what is happening to you here. Nothing to do but wait until 30 days has passed

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    All of my payments are listed as "Approved, pending payment.

    I was wondering if anyone knew how long it takes for a newbie's money to flow?

    Thank you mucho!

    ****edit**** NM...I got it. 10 active days. Ignore my interruption. <--LOL
    Last edited by truthhungry; 06-10-2013 at 12:57 AM. Reason: Found the answer to my queston

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