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Thread: Amazon Payments problems discussion

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    So, my account settings on mturk says that I have 0.00, but I've been doing hits and earning money. Also, my dashboard says that I've earned money (5.40) so why don't they both say the same thing?

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    I'm having issues right now because I don't have the answer to my security question. "favorite pets name" I don't know how I could possibly be wrong unless it was horribly misspelled. Not knowing this information I cannot verify my bank account via the transactions method, and I was informed by customer service my bank is not available for instant verification. Wonderful.

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    Hi, everyone. I'm new to mturk. I've noticed that my bonus payments don't automatically go into my funds available account until I contact customer service. Anyone experiance this? How was it resolved? Thx in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desirri View Post
    You can choose the option of verifying through bank deposits. MTurk will make 2 smaill deposits (usually a few cents each) into your bank account. Then you just enter the amounts and that's it. It does rake a few days for the deposits to hit your bank though.
    They no longer have this option just an upload button for bank statement (no screenshots). Makes it impossible for prepaid cards.

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