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Thread: Does Turk Alert work for you?

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    That certainly is a big part of the issue. Find that many of the batches evaporate in nanoseconds. Also appreciate that mTurk has implemented some mechanisms that make the Turk Alert system struggle to keep up. I did not mean to sound like the system was not a valuable tool when chasing opportunities, but when a trend developes on any given day it gets one a bit frustrated.

    With some of the changes over the last few months a number of academic researchers have been relegated to posting in small batches to save funds. That is part of the problem I am sure. Nice to get an alert notification when a favored Requesters does become active allowing workers to chase any subsequent batches.

    Thanks for the info RipWarrior. Very helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfessorCNut View Post
    ...have been relegated to posting in small batches to save funds.
    Not if they do it right. There are easy ways to avoid the 40% fee that are not cumbersome.

    If they post 1 HIT for 100 people, they will get nailed with a 40% fee.

    However, if they post 100 HITs for 1 person each, it's only a 20% fee. They just need to publish their surveys as "batches" and they'll pay 20% - not 40%.
    Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation. Batch HITs for newbs. 1000 req'd. 5000 req'd.

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