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Thread: Basic vocabulary / glossary for new turkers

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    These are all very helpful! Thank you RedH.S.C. and Spamgirl

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    this is great info, thanks!

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    I'm brand new to this. I appreciate all of the information! Look forward to get started!

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    Thank you for sharing this information. It helps keep you on track

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    This is really quite helpful, even though I've been laboring away on mTurk for the better part of 3? years, some of these were new and quite informative.

    I've come up with a handful little acronyms over the years, none of which are worth cluttering this useful thread with, as they are mostly unflattering innuendos applied to a few of the less than appealing research type Requesters. . .

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    This helps a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by le.widell View Post
    There are a few Requesters who post HITs valued at $0.00 when you do them so they end up paying nothing. Rip-offs.
    I'm curious, does anyone else consider requesters who post HITs valued at $0.00 to be scammers? I wouldn't think they really are. I mean, it says it's valued at nothing so they aren't lying or rejecting HITs so they can keep the work and not pay for it. I don't see that as a scam, just, not being willing to pay for something. No one is tricking you into accepting the HIT.

    Of course, you could argue that it's not blindingly obvious that the HIT pays zero, but, well... thats' kinda on the Worker, isn't it? Paying attention?

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