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Thread: Basic vocabulary / glossary for new turkers

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    Basic vocabulary / glossary for new turkers

    Posted by zerdafennecus:
    HIT = the job or task (Human Intelligence Task)
    Requester = the person posting the job that needs done
    dashboard = you basic statistics of how many hits and rejects you have

    Posted by awarulz:
    HIT - Human Intelligence Task - the job
    Dashboard - it's where you see how you're doing, what your percentages are
    Requester - the people who create HITs and pay us
    Amazon Payments - where your money goes (if you're in the US) and you can then move it
    Rejection - the requester does not accept your work and refuses to pay you
    Pending - HITs done, but not accepted or rejected yet
    Return - you accepted the work and later decided to not do it
    Abandoned - the timer on the HIT expired before you completed it or returned it
    Submitted - completed HITs
    CAPTCHA - stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. and is the word you sometimes have to put in before you do your HIT
    Amazon - The company behind all this
    Mechanical Turk - it was a fake arcade machine back in the day with a midget inside that simulated artificial intelligence
    Qualification - some HITs require some sort of test or other info to do, or level of quality

    Posted by whoever:
    Accepted - you get to work on the HIT
    Approved - you will get paid for a HIT (or may have been paid). Some screens show paid as part of Approved and some show it separately from Approved.

    Posted by bri guy:
    also, the Amazon Payments is often referred to as just "payments" for short. so that's what that means.
    Worker - the person doing the HIT. also known as, you
    Bonus - any additional money you are offered / paid in addition to the standard or base pay for completing a task. really only viewable in Payments system.

    Posted by maryg:
    All Hits - total number of hits available on Mturk
    Hits Available to You (HAY) - hits that you are qualified to work on (that's the link that I click on.)
    Rate - this lists the % of hits accepted, rejected and pending. It's important when first starting out to pay attention to this number. Almost all of the hits that I do require that you have a 95% or better approval rating.
    Qualifications - Some hits require that you request a qualification - this varies from simply asking for a qualification to taking a to determine if you're eligible to perform certain hits. When I first started this, I requested a number of qualifications and it greatly increased the number of hits I could do.
    And I'd add to abandon - if you can't do a hit, then return it. That doesn't affect your standing. I' gather you should try not to abandon too many hits (though I admit sometimes that's impossible as the requester didn't give enough time.)

    Posted by crabfoot:
    Well, maryg, if you never click on "All HITs" you are not going to find HITs that could be useful to you IF you take the qualification test.
    Expand your horizon - oh, you did that a while back with qualification requests, and now you don't bother.

    The most important point for new Turkers is that your HIT acceptance/rejection percentage, and the total number of accepted HITs, form part of your Qualification Set. When you are a newbie, they do not show in your Qualifications view, but later in your Turking career they come up when you click on "qualifications", just like the things you have to request, or take a test for.

    Posted by clark:
    I'm not sure if PPT is an acronym. It is a semi-automated score Casting Words assigns to transcribers. There is more about it on the CW website.
    It's all good.

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    thank you for the info...it was definitely helpful

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    Good information to have...was curious about a few of them and also how the abandoned/rejected stuff effected my stats. New to all this so every bit helps!!

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    Thank you! I'm starting to feel like I might get this after all!

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    WOW! Thanks for the break down in details, I needed this info too, yah!
    Give thanks to the One who gave you life!

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    Thank you. The vocabulary list helps.

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    Me, too, thanks for the help!

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    I'll add some detail on the original Mechanical Turk. It was a fake chess-playing automaton, a robot-like device created by Wolfgang von Kempelen, bought and exhibited by the "inventor" (original patent-holder, rather) of the metronome, Johann Nepomuk Maelzel. Though its cabinet contained what appeared to be working gears and levers, once its doors were closed a live person would climb through a trap door in the floor up into the cabinet and operate the mechanism manually. Maelzel managed to fool a lot of people before Charles Babbage, a pioneer of mechanical computing, attended a show and figured out that it was a hoax. Knowing how people love to believe fantastic things, I suppose he managed to fool more than a few even after that.

    There's a Web comic that dramatizes the adventures of Herr Maelzel, his Mechanical Turk, and his faithful servants as they meet Napoleon, Beethoven, and legal process servers. I'd post a link but it might be considered spam (which I detest). Easy enough to find by googling, though. To see pictures of the Turk itself, search for Maelzel. These days it's better known than he is.

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    Thank you for helping out newbies like me. It is often the community that makes the difference in a job like this.

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    Some more terms:

    AA/Autoapprove - The number of seconds until a hit was designed to automatically approve without being approved manually. You can find it by looking for "hitAutoAppDelayInSeconds" in the url of first hit you accept or in the "source code" of the hit.

    Batch - A group of similar hits posted at the same time by the same requester under the same group ID.

    Bot - A script/application that completes a hit with no or little human interaction.

    Copyscape - A program that checks writing hits for plagiarism

    Clicker/Crack Hit/Bulk hit - Hits that are posted in large batches that can usually be done
    simply or quickly.

    Gold Standard/Salts - A question in a task that already has a know answer.

    Group Id - The alphanumeric value given to a batch of hits. Can be found by looking for "groupId=" in the url.

    Hit ID - The alphanumeric value given to an individual instance of a single HIT. Can be found in the url by looking for "hitId="

    IRB/Internal Review Board - The people at a university that police researchers for unscrupulous research methods.

    Majority Rules/Plurality - A crappy method of quality control that grades a hit against two or more copies of the same hit. It lowers pay because a requester has to pay for at least 2/3 more work that they throw away + it almost guarantees rejections due to being compared against bots/speed clickers

    Mass Rejection - All completed hits of a single requester/batch being rejected.

    QC/Quality Control - Some method of policing work for bad answers. Usually one of two types: 1.) Questions with known answers (Gold Standard) or 2.) Majority rules (grading against other answers)

    Qualrics/Survey Monkey/Survey Gizmo/Inquisit - A front end (application) for collecting survey information. These are hosted off of the Amazon Mechanical Turk site.

    Radio Button - A circular button in a hit that allows only once choice per question

    Requester ID - The alphanumerical value of a requester's name. It usually stays the same even if a requester changes their display name. It can be found in the url of a hit by looking for: "requesterId="

    Reversal - Removing a rejection for whatever reason.

    Scammer - A requester that posts fake hits or has no intention of ever paying, or a worker that speed-clicks or uses bots to complete work.

    Speed Clicker - A turker that clicks answers as fast as they can with their only attention focused on quality control questions.

    Wooter/ WT! - A very good paying hit. Grab 'em if you can.

    Worker ID - An alphanumeric value that is unique for your account. It can be found in orange in the "Your Account" tab of your dashboard.
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