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Thread: Two new ways to use easy Amazon add-ons/extensions with the TN Amazon link

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    Exclamation Two new ways to use easy Amazon add-ons/extensions with the TN Amazon link

    Would you like to be able to highlight words and then search them on Amazon.com, but also give a commission to TN when you purchase through these searches? Here is the answer:

    For Chrome users:

    Download Context Menu Search.

    This allows you to highlight text, right click it and then search in a variety of search engines.

    Once installed, go to your extensions. Click on Options under Context Menu Search, then fill out the text boxes as such:

    Display name: Amazon.com with TN
    Click Add New Option.

    You will be taken to Manage Current Options. On this page, you can delete any search engines you don't want to have in your context menu.


    For Firefox users:

    Download Auto Context. This is a great little add-on which lets you automatically copy text or have the context menu open when you highlight text so you can search it simply using your search engine bar. Sadly, it doesn't work in FF 11.

    If you have Firefox 11+, or if you have installed the above plugin, you'll have to add our search engine to your search engine bar. To do so, click here and then click on Amazon.com with TN. It will ask you if you want to add it, click yes. This will add Amazon.com with TN to your search bar (to the right of the URL bar) and to the context menu search option. Whenever you want to search for a specific item, you can paste it in the search bar (>=FF11) or highlight the words on a page and use the context menu (<=FF10).


    For IE users:

    Get a better browser.
    It's all good.

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