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If you are a researcher studying Turker Nation in any way, shape or form, including using posts to gauge sentiment or as quotes within your study, please read this!

Please click here to gain full access to the forum and then PM Spamgirl with information on your hypothesis/thesis and your study. You MUST have Spamgirl's okay to complete any study on Turker Nation or to use any posts from this forum.

I repeat, if you do NOT have Spamgirl's WRITTEN permission to use content from this forum in your study, then you do NOT have permission to use this forum at all as your actions are in breach of our terms of service. If this occurs, we will contact your IRB/ERB to complain. I am an academic who watches for articles about mTurk, so I will see it, and I will report it. We also expect you to abide by the Guidelines for Academic Researchers: "Do not experiment with forum relationships for research" rules.

I'm a student myself and appreciate how important research is, so I'll be more than fair with you. We just want to know what you're doing and how you're using the forum before you begin.

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