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mTurk Forum : Turker Nation : Make more money online with Amazon mTurk FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Turker Nation Terms of Service

People work for Mechanical Turk for a variety of reasons; the goal of this forum is to make it the best experience for as many workers as possible. Staff members are not responsible for how Mechanical Turk runs their business. We are all here to help each other figure out as much as we can about working effectively with Mechanical Turk and the Requesters who post here.

Moderators can alter posts as necessary to fit within the rules. These edits will not be marked as such and no notification will necessarily be made.

Copyright to forum posts and other information become the property of the forum when you register for this forum. Posts can be removed from public viewing, but not deleted. Accounts can be closed, but not deleted. Your information is safe here and will never be sold, given or traded to a third party.

Note: These rules apply to both the forum AND the chatroom.

1. Harassing other users or staff is not permitted.

2. Vulgarity, racist, sexist, etc. terms are not permitted.

3. Any content which contains information which breaks mTurk's TOS will not be tolerated. Do not post about how to cheat Requesters, such as posting gold answers, attention checks, etc.

4. You are only permitted to have ONE account on this forum at a time.

5. Don't spam or post copyright-infringing content. Do not post links to other sites in your signature. Do not solicit on the forum or in chat, either by posting links to what you're selling or offering to sell something through TN. If you wish to post a referral link, please PM Spamgirl and ask for permission.

6. The use of a proxy IP address or any other method to hide your location or identity when registering for an account on Turker Nation will result in a permanent ban of all the registration information used in the attempt.

7. You may not repost content from this forum or the chatroom anywhere but on Turker Nation without the express written permission of the original author. That includes reposting Turk Alerts elsewhere.

8. Do not post about moderation on the forum or in chat, which includes asking why you were banned from chat, excluded from the whole forum, given a warning or infraction, etc. This sort of conversation should be taken to private messages with a staff member.

Chat-Specific Rules

If you use the chatroom, you must:

  • post in chat at least once in a while or you may be kicked. If you aren't around, please log out.
  • use your forum username. Please do not use any profanity in your nickname.
  • only use ! commands for valid alerts, !seen, !rules, !list, !peak, !ident, !group, etc.

Getting Access to the Entire Forum

HITs You Should NOT Do

Staff List

More Information

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