View Full Version : Looking for someone to make watercolor illustrations

09-08-2016, 06:56 PM
am looking for an artist to draw simple pictures I can digitize with copyright release. For example a drawing of a giraffe, smiling big, with large sun glasses. All has to be Original designs. Will only need drawings in black and white with "hard/heavy" draw lines. I will put together a list of certain things/ ideas I would like in the drawings and you get to use your imagination. Looking for fun ideas. Will pay per drawing. I am looking to do 100-200 of these drawings (obviously not all at once) but maybe 1-2 a week or more if you can. If I am really loving every image I will continue to purchase beyond the number of drawings I need. I am open to work at your pace (If you can pump out 2 a week fine if you can pump out 10 a week great) The copyright of the picture will be released to me upon written legal agreement and signature before payment. We can work out a price. Would love to see your work. please shoot me an email or text.