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  1. The Fur, Fin & Feather Thread! Post Your Pet Pics Here!
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  9. Cats or Dogs or both
  10. Has anyone ever had a blind cat?
  11. Cats and dogs...
  12. Hummers
  13. Do you clip your dog yourself?
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  15. Worried about my cat
  16. Any other "exotic" keepers?
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  18. My cat licks her belly hair off...
  19. Cats and babies
  20. Special Treat Recipes For Your Dog
  21. What do you feed your cat?
  22. Do you make up songs about your pets?
  23. Boredom...
  24. Chickens!?
  25. Ami's Oxalate Stone Story
  26. Grrr, puppy won't leave shoes alone.
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  29. Diamond dog food salmonella recall expands
  30. Sugar Gliders?
  31. New Baby (kitten) in the House
  32. Among critter friends that understand...
  33. What kind of homemade treats do you feed your dog?
  34. Anyone else like to fish?
  35. Any Aquarium Nuts Here?
  36. My cat is too much like a child...
  37. Can someone help me with chickens?
  38. Please Spay and Neuter Your Pets
  39. Is it REALLY about getting animals into loving homes???
  40. =^.,.^= For owners of INDOOR cats
  41. I think any cat lover can identify with this one
  42. New kitty doesn't like my room mate :(
  43. Anybody have horses?
  44. Coming home with 2 new family members tomorrow
  45. Apparently I am a bad cat mommy
  46. Cat for mayor!
  47. Any black lab owners?
  48. I need a puppy name!
  49. My Cat is From Hell with Jackson Galaxy
  50. Any Suggestions for low Maintenance Fish besides a Beta
  51. What are your pets names?
  52. New Babies!!!!
  53. Kitten Cam!
  54. One cat, two cat, red cat, blue cat...
  55. Zoo Cams
  56. Cats vs Dogs
  57. Ferrets!
  58. I am at my wits end with my dog's barking ...
  59. Anyone here volunteer at their local shelter or humane society?
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  62. Tips for nail clipping?
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  65. My foster was adopted!
  66. Do you kiss your pets?
  67. Help - My dog keeps having accidents (the wet kind)
  68. TurkerNation, meet Oscar!
  69. Anyone dealt with seborrhea?
  70. Chaos in the Basu household
  71. My cat chews her toenails.
  72. New family member
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  74. Pictures thread!
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  78. Outdoor dog bed
  79. Never had a little yappy dog before... your tips for training / living with the noise
  80. Online petition to extradite the murderer of Cecil the lion.
  81. Care2 Petition to Not Kill Blaze, the Yellowstone Grizzly Sow and Her Infant Cubs
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