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  1. Battlefield 3 Beta
  2. Skyrim! Anybody Else In Love With The Elder Scrolls?
  3. Where are my console gamers?
  4. How much would you pay for a laptop?
  5. pc gamers / indie game lovers
  6. What is the computer you use for mTurk?
  7. What is the internet service you use for MTurk
  8. What Anti virus program do you use?
  9. Weird problem on startup
  10. Do you use/prefer an External Hardrive
  11. How fast is your internet?
  12. Weird Webcam Issue
  13. Clicking coming from computer
  14. Weird wireless issues with computers running Windows 7
  15. What PC Games do you play?
  16. How often do you backup your computer?
  17. Replacing a keycap on mac keyboard
  18. I couldn't get Flash to install in FireFox
  19. Why kind of tablet do you have?
  20. Chrome or Firefox- which is better?
  21. Who does your computer support?
  22. Turking "on the road?"
  23. Any gamers out there?
  24. Does this type of network cable exist?
  25. What kind of mouse pad or wrist rest do you use?
  26. Do you prefer Intel or AMD
  27. Computer gaming and Turking
  28. Poll- Best printer company
  29. What Operating System is on your computer?
  30. Looking for a printer....I welcome some advice
  31. Possible cheap internet backups in the US
  32. turking with smart phones
  33. A Mouse Query
  34. What's your PC monitor size?
  35. Any Turkers turking on a custom-made machine?
  36. Cloud Storage
  37. Hard Drive Failure - Need Advice
  38. Using an IPad or other tablet
  39. Good adware/malware removers?
  40. Crazy Computer Behavior
  41. Looking for a freeware typing arcadeish game, any idea's?
  42. Help turking with split screen
  43. Just venting - Windows Vista in this day and age?
  44. Diablo III - Open BETA Weekend
  45. A Botnet will be taken off line Check if you are inflected
  46. Google offer's revolutionary FREE ISP service! (Humor)
  47. Recommended APs for Toddlers
  48. iPad app for using this forum
  49. Any Technophiles Geeking Over Ivy Bridge Today?
  50. DIY Fix for Slow or misbehaving computers
  51. wireless keyboard (and mouse) inquiry
  52. Celebrating my first software script WooHOOOOO !
  53. Fixing the audiofor transcription HITs inside Express Script...a question here.
  54. New Elder Scrolls Online screenshots
  55. Tribes: Ascend - Free to Play PC FPS
  56. Help...Can't see full screen
  57. This Page has insecure content don't load/load
  58. can you run 2 computers off the same aircard?
  59. Workstation Show and Tell
  60. The cable companies have banned together to share wifi with each others customers
  61. Turking on Kindle Fire---is it possible??
  62. New Google Search Pages
  63. Vote on Facebook's Privacy Policy.
  64. Can't open hotmail in FireFox
  65. ?? Thinking about switching to Chrome ??
  66. Mind-Controlled Videogames Become Reality
  67. Why 2 monitors?
  68. Netbook recommendations anyone?
  69. SSDs (Solid State Drives)
  70. Dwarf Fortress--Because Losing is Fun
  71. gog.com has Ultima Worlds of Adventure 1 and 2 for FREE
  72. Wordpress on the Mac
  73. New Surface Tablets, what does everyone think?
  74. Google Nexus 7
  75. Anyone Turking on a Mac?
  76. Browser talk
  77. Running multiple browsers - FF and Pale Moon
  78. Improving your computer interface to improve turking speed? (Keyboards, mice, etc)
  79. Nolan Bushnell
  80. Anyone use an iPad to Turk?
  81. Samsung Galaxy iii
  82. Best laptops under $500
  83. Help please! How do I reopen a window in Chrome?
  84. Does anyone know how to search YouTube videos by their length?
  86. New internet, new problem?
  87. What kind of Headphones do you use?
  88. Java vulnerability
  89. Amazon has "Sold Out" the Kindle Fire
  90. Apps for iPad
  91. Apps for Android
  92. Windows 8?
  93. Pushover
  94. Photo editing
  95. Keeping your email account clean
  96. Do I need something like malwarebytes?
  97. New AMD Chips!
  98. firefox issues
  99. Star Wars: The Old Republic Free-to-Play
  100. anyone have this issue with FF?
  101. The Programming Thread
  102. chromebook?
  103. "Search Near" Function Issue...
  104. Rooting a Net10 Android phone
  105. Tablet reccommendations for kids?
  106. FreedomPop free wifi
  107. windows 8 keeps saying I am low on memory
  108. Vista Defender Virus
  109. Slow reboot and worried
  110. 1TB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
  111. copy/paste for Kindle? anybody know how to?
  112. Linksys Wireless Router question.
  113. Anybody tried the Plantronics MX500i 3-in-1 headset?
  114. AVG Security Toolbar is the worst foistware I've ever seen
  115. Need cheap but good computer. Any advice?
  116. Help! My mouse won't do where it's told! (Bad mouse! Bad, bad!)
  117. CD With My Files Is Blank When I Insert It
  118. Heads up if you have a VUDU account
  119. Expanded Header question
  120. Dual Screen on Windows 8 Laptop...help?
  121. Tech Issues
  122. Computer Monitor
  123. iPad problem with Captcha?
  124. If anyone needs any help...
  125. Patch Tuesday: IE11 comes to Windows 7
  126. Anyone using a touch screen laptop/monitor?
  127. Doing hits on an IPad mini
  128. Chrome update troubles with version 32
  129. Filemaker Pro problems installing
  130. Page up/down keys in google chrome
  131. And you thought running Linux was safe ....
  132. Accept Button Won't Work In Chrome
  133. Rain Meter Desktop
  134. First Build
  135. What cool or useful utilities do you use?
  136. Stop using IE until a fix comes out
  137. Adding Scripts ot Chrome/ Firefox (turkopticon, discover false hits...) slow
  138. Graphics Card Search
  139. Need help, please. with a problem doing HITs on my new laptop.
  140. How do you use your second monitor effectively?
  141. Free copy of game Insurgency
  142. Getting a new Turkin' Machine tonight (lol)
  143. Firefox Fix
  144. First Build for Artman
  145. Trojan/Phish EU on Mac
  146. Windows 10 upgrade + Turking- your thoughts ?
  147. Good laptop for turking?
  148. Windows 10
  149. Vivaldi web browser
  150. Updating an OLD laptop to use for turking... suggestions?
  151. Laptop microphone doesn't work
  152. Pokemon Go fans, stay privacy-aware
  153. Chrome Vs. Chromium
  154. Mobile Wifi Hotspots
  155. Inquisit