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  1. How Much Money Have You Made So Far?
  2. Do you think it is possible to make $20 for 2 hours of work a day?
  3. After an unfair/mass rejection
  4. Besides Survey Hits
  5. Who pays fast?
  6. How do you remember which surveys you've completed?
  7. Fastest hits to make money?
  8. Best way to bringing HITs Approved % up?
  9. The new "most low-paying, bizarre, funniest Hits" thread!
  10. Easy/fast hits
  11. Who is your favorite requester?
  12. Mturk Writers - A couple of questions for you
  13. Bonus thread!
  14. Question for the transcribers out there
  15. Max you made in one day?
  16. Are certain days better than others?
  17. Hit Sorting
  18. So what are fair prices?
  19. Most profitable types of HITS??
  20. How can I get my accuracy up FAST?
  21. Broke $100 in a day!
  22. Ideas for making more than $20 a day?
  23. Is $1.75 in 2 hours good for a newbie?
  24. Best ways to earn money quickly on Mturk?
  25. Writing Jobs
  26. Looking for good writing and editing hits
  27. Transcribers: Which do you prefer?
  28. Seeking relatively quick, easy HITs I can get into a groove with. Suggestions?
  29. looking for some mind numbing work
  30. I can have more than one HIT at a time? Woo hoo!
  31. The art of small HITs
  32. When did you complete your first writing HIT?
  33. What do some requesters do with our work?
  34. In your opinion, what are the best HITS to complete?
  35. How much variety are there in mturk tasks? Anything I am missing?
  36. Keyboard Shortcuts to make Mturk Hits go faster
  37. How can I make more money ?
  38. Surveys, best way to go?
  39. Best HITs for a newbie?
  40. Who are....?
  41. Blocking a company
  42. Burn out/Brain Fart Easy Mindless Hits?
  43. Turking from my phone
  44. Do writing hits require advance skills?
  45. what hits do you do when do not feel like writing?
  46. Any quick paying, non-writing requesters out there?
  47. Any quality hits/requesters out there right now?
  48. Refreshing page.
  49. Who are your favorite transcription requesters?
  50. What's a really quick-to-do HIT that isn't likely to get rejected
  51. Whats the fastest way you can gain approved hits?
  52. Which of the lower paying hits are worth doing?
  53. For Those That Do A Lot Of Writing Hits In A Day...
  54. What are writing requesters looking for?
  55. Just hit 1000 approved hits but can't find good work that requires 1000 approved hits
  56. Favorite hits to do when not much high-paying work is available?
  57. Threads for Good Hits
  58. Best hits to do from cell phones
  59. Can search use booleans?
  60. Who should I be looking out for?
  61. Best Qualifications?
  62. Realistic goal
  63. Any suggestion for getting hit numbers up.
  64. Quick hits to help approval rate.
  65. Instant Payers?
  66. How to practice transcribing.
  67. HIT acceptance on Business days vs. non-Business days
  68. How do you avoid doing the same hit twice?
  69. Well, I did my first writing hits today
  70. Anybody else translating?
  71. Sometimes I feel like a chicken..... sometimes I don't
  72. Biggest One-HIT Payoff? / MTurk Mottos
  73. Turking style Most Hits or Newest
  74. Writing fears
  75. How do you determine which hit to accept?
  76. What do you search for in the HITs search box?
  77. Is turking still "worth it"?
  78. Writing or transcription hits. What do you like and why?
  79. Accepting Multiple HIT's
  80. Spent nearly 2 hours on a transcript that paid $2!!!
  81. Auto approve?
  82. A question for experienced turkers
  83. Ever get stumped on article rewrites?
  84. How do you define how much you make in a day?
  85. Do You Eventually Get Faster on Writing HITs?
  86. Quick question on SEO stuff
  87. So I've been turking everday for 3 weeks...
  88. Easy Transcribe?
  89. Repeat Survey HIT Checker
  90. Best piece of advice and reccomended requester
  91. How I set Up to Turk
  92. Why I don't neglect the 50 cent hits --hidden nuggets
  93. Survey
  94. Returning hits if you've lost interest or don't feel inspired?
  95. Lotta ridiculousness up right now!
  96. How many requesters do you regularly work for?
  97. Other then crowdsource what are the best hits for approval rating?
  98. Online free ANTI-plaigarism tool for MTurk writers
  99. Trying to get a sense of what stats mean and do for you.
  100. Some tricks I use
  101. Goals after 1000 HITs
  102. Will 500 hits open any new doors for me?
  103. Tracking or Logging HITs
  104. Haven't tried writing assignments yet.
  105. Advice on Getting Started
  106. What to do... what to do..
  107. Back from vacation and hardly any work to be done
  108. Taking a gamble on new requestors?
  109. Finished first transcription hit!
  110. Is it just me or does today seem sluggish with hits.
  111. the "sweet spot"
  112. Question about surveys.
  113. Clips?
  114. The writing HITS?
  115. Dealing With Massive Rejections
  116. How do you stay focused?
  117. Best Day Yet
  118. Getting motivated?
  119. Hey Turkers - couple of questions
  120. Anyone else mTurking on Dialup
  121. You need to make $20 ASAP!
  122. new top daily result > $93
  123. Weekend turking... how does it go?
  124. Help!
  125. Advice
  126. Question for those who are experienced at transcription hits
  127. What is your Turk search strategy?
  128. Suggestions needed
  129. Lowest priced HIT you will accept?
  130. Time to find some new requesters
  131. New to the MTurk Idea
  132. Feeling discouraged and lost! =(
  133. Do you have a specific way of searching each day?
  134. Maybe need a boost of support! Wanting to be full time.....
  135. How do you sort the HITS?
  136. Short tasks
  137. Where has all the good work gone?
  138. Hit $1,000 :D
  139. Spending to much time Surfing the Hits
  140. What's your plan of attack?
  141. searching for HITS
  142. Getting my HITs up
  143. Tips for article writing?
  144. More searching than turking
  145. What is the lowest amount you will take for a HIT?
  146. First 400Hit $40 day an epiphany
  147. Finish out HITs,
  148. Whats your technique for finding HITs?
  149. Strangest think you've come across while turking?
  150. Weekend Work?
  151. Watch your time allowed !!
  152. What's the lowest pay for HIT you search for??
  153. Keep track of completed HITS - prevent duplicate entries and rejection
  154. Are there slower times than others?
  155. How do you describe turking to non-turkers?
  156. Those $100 days
  157. Search terms
  158. Which is better - accept lots of hits, or one at a time?
  159. Hard to find jobs
  160. Is it worth looking at 'All HITs'
  161. New to turking and want to get to 1000
  162. Repeating HITs?
  163. Keeping Track
  164. Is there a "best" day of the week for hit postings?
  165. "Oops" Moments you've had
  166. Meep--first rejection already
  167. HITs created by "Requester X" for which you are qualified.
  168. Auto Approval Days, New Requesters, & Turkopticon
  169. Survey Takers - How do you keep track?
  170. When do requester post more HITS?
  171. Suuuuuuuuuuper Sloooooooooooow Aaaaaaaaproooooovals...
  172. Did I do that already?
  173. Low Paying Hits
  174. It's absolutely true, and I have TurkerNation to thank for it!
  175. Holiday Pay Higher?
  176. Broke through with 1013 approved HITs, but still only 307 available
  177. Piss me off
  178. Any general tips for a newbie?
  179. How do you know HITs are up so fast???
  180. How do you sort HITs?
  181. 160 and trying not to stall out
  182. Q for Turkers who transcribe
  183. Time Of Day
  184. Anyone track all their requestors?
  185. Comment Boxes
  186. Working for Dimes Today
  187. Hits with a bonus
  188. Best ways of keeping track of surveys/HITS taken?
  189. Are weekends typically slower in Mturk?
  190. Just out of curiosity...
  191. Don't know if you already did that survey?
  192. What time of day do you think is busiest on Mturk?
  193. Pay for Writing Hits
  194. Could You Do It?
  195. Time-efficient search for url's, emails and the like?
  196. How to raise approval rating
  197. Filtering by Location
  198. How long did it take you to find the best HITs?
  199. Any well paying HITs that don't involve writing articles?
  200. Time For A HIT
  201. Quality vs Quantity
  202. Sitting down to do first Hit and got a stab of paranoia about making mistakes!
  203. New turkers--learn from my mistake!
  204. At A Glance
  205. Best time of day/best day of the week
  206. Newbie Question - keeping track of what you've done
  207. Which are the best requesters?
  208. Search for HITS that pay at least $0.00? What amount do you put?
  209. 1K Hit Myth
  210. Fast HITs
  211. Balancing the search for HITs and actual time working
  212. Express Scribe v. Audacity
  213. What exactly are batch HITS?
  214. What type of HITs should a new turker focus on?
  215. How did I get here?
  216. This has probably been asked a million times but...
  217. Requester says mturk won't allow her to reverse her rejection!
  218. Which HITs do you look for when you start turking?
  219. Comparing apples and oranges
  220. Find Email's HITS.
  221. Best HITs to do on mobile?
  222. keeping up with hits
  223. Must-Have MTurk Tools and Setup
  224. survey spreadsheet
  225. Priorities on HITs or favorites? (No exact info, just general types)
  226. Any tips on how to work more efficiently?
  227. Some things I just don't get at all.
  228. A Good Hit Calculation
  229. Averages and Types of Hits
  230. Disappointed Today :(
  231. Transcribing
  232. Best way to sort HITs?
  233. Fastest way to reach 1000?
  234. Preferences on HIT rewards?
  235. Did your turking preferences surprise you?
  236. Best Time of Day?
  237. How do you complete tagging HITs?
  238. How optimsitic/pessimistic is my goal?
  239. Are there any requesters that offer these type of hits?
  240. Question On How To Increase Your Earnings
  241. Advice for making $25 a day
  242. Qualifications what the heck r they?
  243. A shield keeps me from tryin certain hits on CHROME browser
  244. Contact Info for Survey Requesters
  245. Batches
  246. 20000 HITs Required 20K
  247. 5000 HITs Required 5K
  248. 1000 HITs Required 1K
  249. 30000 HITs Required 30K
  250. Milestone HITs : What HITs will open up for me when I reach xxxx approved HITs?