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  1. *** IMPORTANT READ: HITs You Should NOT Do! ***
  2. Basic vocabulary / glossary for new turkers
  3. Limit on HITs submitted per day.
  4. When do you stop being a new worker?
  5. Worker Account Halted for 5 minutes
  6. If I'm only allowed to do 100 HITs, why did I get stopped at 85?
  7. "No more HITS available for you today. Try again tomorrow"
  8. Hit Limit for Newbies
  9. Where do we go to do work?
  10. It shows there are 900 hits avail,but i can't do anymore. Why?
  11. Numbers of hits shown
  12. Approvals
  13. HIT disappears after I do Qualification. Why?
  14. How to Complete HITs Without Getting a Rejection (well, for the most part)
  15. How bad did I mess up
  16. My approval rate is 98%, why on the HIT it sowing 97%?
  17. Adding a credit card to increase account limit
  18. Is there an easy way to search my completed HITS?
  19. How to grab the URL of a HIT you've completed to share it
  20. How do I find the Requesters approval rate?
  21. learning
  22. Returning HITs
  23. A spreadsheet?
  24. Question about ID?
  25. Forms to make Turking more organized?
  26. Limit for Newbies??
  27. Is there a limit on how many hits you can complete in a day?
  28. bonus
  29. article hits
  30. HITs question
  31. HITS filtered
  32. How to Keep Track of Good Requestors
  33. Am I just not searching right or....
  34. Is it EVER possible to look back at a previous hit?
  35. return rather than get rejected?
  36. Referrals?
  37. What's going on? Getting this msg: There are no HITs available for you at this time.
  38. How long before I can get my first payout?
  39. What is an mTurk ID?
  40. Abandoned HITs going up?
  41. Abandon or Return
  42. newb 100 hits a day limit?
  43. pending hits
  44. Rating system
  45. Rating of 98%
  46. When you have 1000 HITs accepted does that open you up for more work?
  47. Looking for a Worker to join me on a HIT
  48. bonus etiquette
  49. Next level?
  50. Why can't rejections be reversed? (They can, and it's easy)
  51. No HITS available, but there are 600?
  52. working for a requester outside of mTurk?
  53. Contacting requesters
  54. Why are my posts being moderated?
  55. 10 days question
  56. When does the day "Reset" for your 100 HITs/day for the first week?
  57. Way to find HITs that require >500 hits?
  58. HITs Available count not changing
  59. What other out of the ordinary things can I expect when a hit goes wrong?
  60. Test Hit
  61. Total Earnings/Balance Difference
  62. What should my goal be?
  63. Rejections?
  64. is there any program to email when a hit approved?
  65. How long for a requester to pay
  66. Mechanical Turk Worker Number?
  67. What is the next milestone to hit after 1000?
  68. timer ran out
  69. approval rating?
  70. Important Milestones and Metrics
  71. can you only do a certain # of hits each day?
  72. What is a reasonable goal to set for a newbie?
  73. "Searching for specific Requesters" Help Please
  74. How bad will a rejection hurt me?
  75. What happens at 1000?
  76. Do you get any qualifications at 200 HITs?
  77. Not qualified based on location - which i'm at
  78. I just entered my code from the completion of one HIT into another...
  79. Glossary of Turkspeak - what is a CAPTCHA? and other Newbie inquiries.
  80. Regarding amount of HITS a day.
  81. Im New! please help!
  82. New here, almost a turker
  83. NEWBS; Survivor guilt?
  84. How much can I expect my profit to go up after my 10 days are over?
  85. Limit of 100 - anyone have this after day 7?
  86. Newbie Question regaring a hit
  87. Maximum HITS for certain requester?
  88. I feel like I need a users manual
  89. why is it that you can only preview a HIT for a few seconds, and if you don't hit acc
  90. Reaching 500 hits
  91. Number of hits available
  92. So, I reached 500 approved Hits yesterday...
  93. 100 hits a day...is a day the 24-hour period from the start hour?
  94. Anyone have a problem getting qualification for HITs
  95. What's something you wish someone had told you when you first started turking?
  96. Which Qualifications Should A Newb Request?
  97. Best thread for Newbies?
  98. Is there a certain HIT that a newbie should start with?
  99. Why did my available hits spike so much?
  100. Getting to 1000 approved.
  101. Do i need 10 days with actual hits to get out of probation?
  102. New - Cannot Accept Hits Please Help I am Lost
  103. I came upon something when I was doing hits and it concerned me...
  104. 5000+ HITs
  105. A confused kind of newbie... Help please
  106. Doing lots of simple hits first?
  107. Probation period question
  108. Emailing requesters regarding Rejections and Bonuses.
  109. Cut off with less than 100 HITS submitted
  110. Doing Qualified HITS only.
  111. $0 Reward Hits?
  112. Finally
  113. There are no HITs available for you at this time. Please try again tomorrow.
  114. 1st day
  115. Some of the best tips you can offer newbi turks
  116. How do i find trustworthy requesters?
  117. One Hundred Hits... will this make a difference really?
  118. How do I know when I am no longer on probation
  119. Should I trust a non-reviewed requester?
  120. Numbers slowly rising
  121. Just starting out and have a few quick questions.
  122. Hard to see numbers on grocery receipts
  123. Some great questions (and answers) from chat last night - quick mTurk primer :)
  124. Question fro newbe
  125. HITs to Do
  126. How long does it usually take to get an approval /rejection?
  127. There are no HITs available for you at this time. Please try again tomorrow
  128. Questions: Scripts, batches
  129. Which hits completed
  130. Where can I find the scripts I need to make more money?
  131. Tips and Tricks for Newbies
  132. Money
  133. Rejections - how to tell which requesters / HITs they came from?
  134. Doing a survey and the HIT was just automatically returned??
  135. Is there a way to see what HITs you've returned?
  136. Can't get started. Help
  137. Brand new!
  138. Daily hit total
  139. Pending HITS
  140. Is there a way to accept all the hits by a requester?
  141. Hit count
  142. Changing hit URL
  143. PANDA Question
  144. Great surveys last weekend
  145. Question about HITs available?
  146. Is there a daily time limit during the 10 day probation to complete 100 HITS?
  147. Am I worrying too much?
  148. Finding E-mail Addresses?
  149. Queuing up HITs
  150. What kind of HITS?
  151. Entering texts before accepting hits?
  152. I'm getting messages that my job won't allow anyone to submit -- can someone let me know why? Source below
  153. Newbie need help pricing first Hit
  154. 2X deposit verification, restricted immediately
  155. New Requester Seeking Advice
  156. Hits Available Number: Clarification
  157. Turking from phone
  158. HITS reserved for specific workers
  159. Best way to handle unclear instructions?
  160. I am absolutely freaking out!!!
  161. Where should I begin?
  162. Browsers
  163. Has there been a recent change in the 10-day probation period?
  164. 1000 HIT freak-out
  165. Newb questions, I'm sure...
  166. Why am I denied?
  167. So much to learn!! Where do I start?????
  168. 100,000 Lines of Code
  169. doing multiple HITs
  170. Screen Recorders?
  171. HIT Limit Based on Acceptance or Submission
  172. Some Questions on an Article HIT
  173. Why are my hits taking so long to approve
  174. TO Ranking
  175. Rejects
  176. Is there a way to redeem gift cards into someone else's account?
  177. How much is this HITT worth to you? Need guidance for pricing HITTs for quality workers
  178. What is up with the Data Collection hits?
  179. How can a requester manually add you so you can be paid for a hit you timed out of?
  180. Some newbie questions
  181. No more in group?
  182. What do you do when survey pre-screening says you are ineligible after accepting hit?
  183. My hits
  184. HITs past auto approve time not approving
  185. What do I say to the Requester of the HIT
  186. Types of HITS for a beginner
  187. Is it better to do lots of quick $0.03 or slower $0.10+ hits
  188. Blank pages
  189. Requester ID
  190. Am Newbie , please help
  191. Batches
  192. Is there a way to keep a certain requester from showing up?
  193. Limit on Available Hits During First Ten Days
  194. HIT Submission Issues
  195. Messages to requesters
  196. Understanding Crowdsurf HITs
  197. Why rejections are rejections?
  198. need to join
  199. how to get a web link to HIT's
  200. Account under review
  201. A9 Rejections
  202. 100 hit limit/day?
  203. There are no HITs available for you at this time. Please try again tomorrow.
  204. In the beginning.. $ or HIT numbers?
  205. No Survey Codes
  206. Invitations/Transcribing
  207. Help with 411Richmond
  208. Where's My Mind --- where's my money? $5.00 HIT
  209. Help with 411Rejecion
  210. Noob here....
  211. New to this
  212. I Got 5 Rejections From Shankar Dev (A1M06XRIO573GT) That I Believe is Wrong. Need Help.
  213. Noob Q: Best Time for MTurk
  214. So What Is A Qual Block??
  215. What is going on with Auto-Approval?
  216. posting
  217. videos
  218. Filter out Location criteria
  219. Tax non us
  220. What can a requester see
  221. Hard Block
  222. How long did it take to get your registration accepted email?
  223. New to Turking..PLEASE HELP
  224. Retaliating Requesters?
  225. I am unable to do any hits
  226. What's the limit?
  227. Hey there, a couple questions on scripts and taxes.
  228. 10000 plus HITs
  229. Site Access
  230. Captcha with each hit?
  231. Accidentally hit return instead of send!
  232. The new mturk forum.
  233. Indian turker Payment
  234. mass rejection - new to mturk what should I do?
  235. Home Address for Non-US
  236. Some Questions
  237. New Worker Site
  238. When I accept a hit, it won't open in a new tab...help.
  239. how to find good batches?
  240. Time stamp for forum
  241. 2nd Day on MTurk
  242. Is it possible to make minimum wage and how?
  243. How do you get approved?
  244. iOS
  245. If You Are Looking For A Good Guide to Turking: from Member HelloKitty
  246. Questions about specific hits
  247. Expired HIT problems...
  248. My hits pay out quicker. Better requesters or b/c I'm Closing in on 5000 hits?
  249. Hi I am Vince.
  250. My 2nd post