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  1. Mturk in the News
  2. Mturk has openning for a Fraud Specialist
  3. List of Crowd Sourcing News sites
  4. List of blogs about Mturk
  5. Bezos has a Rocket
  6. Mturk users by country
  7. CrowdDB is testing Mturk
  8. Bezos is helping fund a clock that will run for 10,000 years
  9. Happy Words Trump Negativity used Mturk in the research
  10. A Plea to Amazon: Fix Mechanical Turk!
  11. Hope to the California Associates over the Amazon Sales taxes collection fight
  12. Amazon is hiring for the warehouse in Lexington County SC
  13. PlateMate uses Mturk to determine Nutrition Analysis of food
  14. Amazon is testing a locker delivery system in Seattle
  15. Crowd Source(fFormerly Midwest) has put your worker's data up on their site
  16. TaskRabbit a crowd sourcing site for errands
  17. blog post - pros and cons of amazon mechanical turk for scientific surveys
  18. Inside Amazon's warehouse Lehigh Valley
  19. On the map
  20. Principal Product Manager, Mechanical Turk job at Amazon in Seattle, WA
  21. VizWiz uses MTurk to aid the blind
  22. So, this is some old stuff, but interesting
  23. Starting a crowd sourcing project what to ask first
  24. Cloud Flower (DL) has filed patents on crowdsourcing QC
  25. Amazon has made a deal with Tennessee over sales taxes
  26. Kindle Fire Hit With Patent Suit
  27. CrowdFlower announced a new platform that takes work where people are
  28. Amazon Studios is Getting Scary
  29. WSJ has a Story about Jeff Bezos and the early days of Amazon
  30. Amazon Signs Up Authors, Writing Publishers Out of Deal
  31. Confessions of a Used-Book Salesman
  32. The demographics of Mturk
  33. Amazon patents gift cards that can tattle on what you buy
  34. An article about Cowd Sourcing and how it maybe the future of employment
  35. Agency and Exploitation in Amazon Mechanical Turk
  36. Mechanical Turk: 5 How to Tips for requesters
  37. Crowdsourcing: The new job interview
  38. A video of Bezos' Space ship in flight
  39. Mturk being used in solving language problems
  40. Mturk has added 2 new worker APIs for requesters
  41. Harvard Gazette
  42. AMT and Transcribing Historical Handwritten Documents
  43. TurkerNation article at englishmajor.com
  44. Amazon Exec Tom Phillips Killied In Plane Crash
  45. Hidden Industry Dupes Social Media Users
  46. CrowdFlower Expands Executive Team
  47. Amazon Mechanical Turk: Gold Mine or Coal Mine?
  48. Amazon has a patent to know where you are and going next
  49. CrowdControl has released the results of a survey of MTurk workers
  50. How Somebody uses MTurk for writing hits
  51. Amazon might shutdown for a day in protest of SOPA
  52. Amazon starts $6M fund to boost Kindle’s independent authors
  53. Windows tool for sending files to the Kindle
  54. Zappos was hacked
  55. Amazon's plagiarism problem
  56. The new 1099-k we will be getting from Amazon payments
  57. Mturk has gone incommunicado
  58. CrowdEngineering Receives U.S. Patent For Its Core Technology
  59. Zappos (Amazon Unit) is investing 350 million in Los Vegas
  60. Amazon has entered India with Junglee.com
  61. Amazon Book Search Results and others Visualized
  62. Amazon is opening Real Stores?
  63. MS head of developer experiences for Windows Phone leaves for Amazon
  64. CrowdFlower Reports Revenue up 300% over last year
  65. Amazon is looking to develop their own shows
  66. Apple, Suppliers Test Tablet With Smaller Screen (Amazon related)
  67. Amazon Prime has attracted fewer subscribers than estimated
  68. How Amazon books pricing system is being affected by bots-Maybe?
  69. CrowdControl will try to do crowdsourcing QC using an AI
  70. Crowdsourcing improves predictive texting
  71. Amazon just received another patent involving Social Networking
  72. mTurk in a Yahoo Article
  73. MSN Money Article
  74. U.S. upper classes more likely to lie, cheat and think greed is good, study finds.
  75. Amazon's cloud is calculated to have 500,000 servers
  76. Mturk is hiring
  77. Amazon to offer $10 gift cards for $5- CNN Money article
  78. New Study Confirms and Extends Earlier Finding Linking Socially-Conservative Value...
  79. Interesting Survey Research on MTurk
  80. CrowdSource Delivers Scalable Solutions for Dictionary.com
  81. Crowdsourcing using MTurk for HCI research
  82. Bezos is funding the retrieval of the Apollo 11 rocket engines
  83. How Amazon turned the whole world into its showroom
  84. Cloud Flower (DL) has a new CEO
  85. Using Crowd Sourcing for your organization’s social media outreach
  86. The PS3 now can be used for Amazon Video
  87. Crowdsourcing Industry Report
  88. The Kindle Fire now supports in App purchasing
  89. The 1000Genomes project is using Amazon's S3 to make the data available
  90. Must read for turkers! Guideline for requester pay.
  91. "The Justice Department Just Made Jeff Bezos Dictator-for-Life"
  92. Crowd Source sees opportunity in Google's ranking changes
  93. Journalist from SJ Mercury News wants to get worker's voices in a piece he's writing
  94. Crowdflower & Alcohol - News Article
  95. Using Crowdsourcing to Protect Your Privacy
  96. Amazon has opened a new Store AmazonSupply
  97. MTurk on Reddit
  98. Photo description service - work done by Turkers - news article
  99. Why to be careful in using AWS
  100. The new Mturk API's
  101. LinkedIn stocks surge after posting strong earnings
  102. How Raytheon uses Mechanical Turk to Translate Social Media
  103. Announcing the Mechanical Turk Categorization App
  104. Article on microtasking by Patrick May - San Jose Mercury News
  105. Amazon will build distribution centers in New Jersey and collect sales tax next year
  106. How My Ex-Wife is Unintentionally Keeping Me Away From Money
  107. Mechanical Turkey
  108. The Economist Magazine
  109. Online Seniors: Tech-Savvier Than You Think
  110. The purpose of one Mturk Hit involving a game against others
  111. Crowd Labor "Self-Polices" Requesters and their "Quirky Jobs"
  112. Kickstarter Project Canceled Because of Amazon Payments Issue
  113. 3 Myths About Working From Home from Forbes
  114. Amazon Cloud Goes Down, Taking Netflix, Instagram And Pinterest With It
  115. Turkers are the new lab rats for psychologists
  116. It seems like Mturk is no longer creating new Mturk worker accounts.
  117. "Dawn of the Digital Sweatshop" by Ellen Cushing East Bay Express
  118. Mechanical Turk Featured on AWS Report
  119. Amazon's Delivery Lockers are alredy in use
  120. Amazon changed its policy on making changes to your account over the phone
  121. Twitter introduces MTurk based analysis platform
  122. Amazon Reshapes Computing with cloud services
  123. Is Mechanical Turk the future of cognitive science research?
  124. How to Destroy Your Mturk Reputation AND Your Business Reputation at the Same Time
  125. Amazon awarded patent for double-sided tablet
  126. MIT Research Uses Software to Improve HITS
  127. Tips for Academic Requesters on Mturk
  128. The Dystopian Digital Sweatshop
  129. Amazon is making future classics like "Zombies versus Gladiators"
  130. Amazon to hire 50,000 seasonal workers
  131. mTurk mentioned in another article
  132. CrowdSource Raises $12.5 Million in Series A Funding
  133. Amazon closes customer account, erases entire Kindle library.
  134. Welcome to Amazon-dot-everything
  135. Gaming The System: Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk To Boost App Ratings
  136. MTurk API supports Known Answers
  137. A couple of recent articles
  138. Pakgamers Is Now DEAD! A Win For Requesters!
  139. Is Mechanical Turk a $10 billion dollar company?
  140. A researcher's project that relied on Turkers
  141. Looking for Turkers to Interview
  142. The default Masters Qual
  143. How Representative Are Amazon Mechanical Turk Workers?
  144. Mturk has added a way to reverse a rejection to the MTurk GUI
  145. Federal lawsuit against Crowdflower over minimum wage.
  146. CrowdSource is hiring
  147. CrowdSource's CEO made St. Louis' most influential people list
  148. MTurk users reported clinically significant social anxiety symptoms
  149. Crowdsourcing grows up as online workers unite
  150. Amazon to launch virtual currency
  151. Mechanical Turk: Amazon's New Underclass
  152. CMU Professor: Online 'Crowd Workers' Need Protections, Organization
  153. The Unregulated Work of Mechanical Turk
  154. Finally! A journalist who gets it!
  155. How St. Louis became a tech town (CrowdSource mention)
  156. Zadaqa's Rave Blog Review of mTurk
  157. Attend a Crowdflower Seminar and make $10.
  158. BBC- So how much money can you make crowdworking?
  159. Massolution NYC 2013
  160. Another Reporter tries working on Mturk
  161. Lawsuit against Crowdflower is going to become a class action now
  162. What your email style says about your personality
  163. Slaves of the Internet, Unite!
  164. Amazon Mechanical Jerk
  165. There are still things computers can't do and likely never will
  166. mTurk is insecure (for requesters)
  167. Crowdflower attempts to settle
  168. Fda adopts amazon mechanical turk for drug safety backlog
  169. Programming with people: Fancy Hands lets developers add human workers to apps
  170. Reputation as a Sufficient Condition for High Data Quality on MTurk
  171. MTurk + Google News API = Press
  172. A Paper on Turker Nation? Oh My! (Now with the link to the full paper!)
  173. The Myth of Low Cost, High Quality on Amazon's Mechanical Turk
  174. Mturk on a NPR blog
  175. App called Crowdpilot uses turkers to make decisions
  176. The Real Cost of the Mturk Masters Qualification
  177. The Wages of Crowdwork
  178. Serf Boards
  179. The Oscar hits will be soon dead
  180. A reply to - Effective Use of Amazon Mechanical Turk - Neeraj Kumar
  181. Pixel & Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in the Gig Economy
  182. High approval turkers = less cheating? Maybe...
  183. The relationship between motivation, monetary compensation, and data quality...
  184. Want to spread Malware? Offer some money to get people to install it.
  185. A requester spends half a day as a worker
  186. Mary Gray - Crowds Are People Too! (~10 minute talk)
  187. Mturk was used to get people to remember complex passwords
  188. Making Dilbert means success, right?
  189. A study on using Mturk for surveys and the quality of results
  190. Photo editing algorithm was trained by Mturk workers
  191. As Data Overflows Online, Researchers Grapple With Ethics
  192. "At (mTurk) even 'the dimmest bulb' can make a few dollars"
  193. "Turkers? guidelines for academic requesters" appears on academic crowdsourcing blog
  194. Amazon Payments kills person-to-person payments, another nail in mTurk's coffin?
  195. Turkers are People, not Labrats or Turkeys
  196. Songs for Non-Work - Turkers paid to not work
  197. AmazonAnonymous
  198. Are Online Vendors Giving You Their Best Price? Maybe Not, Research Says
  199. Campaign finance officials aim to cure the paperobsessed Senate through crowdsourcing
  200. Employee Disengagement Starts With the Job Offer
  201. Otey v. CrowdFlower settlement
  202. Financial Times writes about Mturk and the workers
  203. A writer from Gizmodo tries being a turker
  204. ProPublica?s Guide to Mechanical Turk
  205. Forbes responds to NY Times article about Mturk
  206. Going offline to seek out ?crowdworkers?
  207. Amazon's Mechanical Turk workers protest: 'I am a human being, not an algorithm'
  208. Japanese coverage of Bezos campaign
  209. Amazon's Mechanical Turk workers want to be treated like humans
  210. Amazon?s Turkers Kick Off the First Crowdsourced Labor Guild
  211. Amazon's Mechanical Turkers want to be recognized as 'actual human beings'
  212. Purse ? finally a reason to use bitcoin?
  213. French article on Bezos campaign
  214. All things to all people: what the Internet means to our lives
  215. Amazons Crowdworker protestieren
  216. Aufmarsch der mechanischen T?rken
  217. Mechanical Cheat: Spamming Schemes and Adversarial Techniques
  218. There?s an app for that
  219. Mechanical Turk Targets Small Business (well, that's one offensive cartoon ;/ )
  220. HITs are up asking us for pieces of a story, this is why:
  221. How-to: Crowdsourcing map data with amazon?s mechanical turk
  222. An Eye On The Unethical Hubber And MTURK Rater. I See You, And So WIll They
  223. Is Crowdsourcing Bad for Workers?
  224. Most participants in ?citizen science? projects give up almost immediately
  225. Turns Out a Internet Is Bad during Guessing How Many Coins Are in a Jar
  226. That's Funny ? but Why? Alan Alda on the Science of Humor
  227. Team creates automated method to assemble story-driven photo albums
  228. Microemployers & Microemployees: Crowdsourcing in the Labor Market
  229. Crowdsourcing Speech Ratings with Amazon's Mechanical Turk
  230. MTURK FOR ACADEMICS: A blog by a researcher who is working as a Turker
  231. My Crowdsourced Bioware Thinkpiece Went Terribly Wrong (Video)
  232. My Saucy Fake Girlfriend Was Really A Bunch Of Dudes Working For Amazon
  233. What Does Privacy 'Look' Like? Carnegie Mellon Project Seeks Drawings
  234. The hidden social reality behind digital labour
  235. "The Turks, they're oddballs" - NPR Planet Money podcast
  236. New research suggests climate ?skeptics? and believers really, really don?t like each
  237. The Share-the-Scraps Economy
  238. Economic mobility is an illusory American dream
  239. Do apis eliminate middle management or improve quality of life?
  240. How to do Market and Customer Research With Mechanical Turk
  241. Google Cabs And Uber Bots Will Challenge Jobs 'Below The API'
  242. How Reese News Lab?s Capitol Hound Found Its Business Plan B
  243. Employment freelancers have carved out a niche
  244. A picture is worth 1000 words, but how many emotions?‬
  245. Rainforest Raises $4M To Build Scalable QA
  246. Big Data May Help Computers ID Emotions Tied to Images
  247. Facebook will soon tag you in photos AUTOMATICALLY
  248. Smart TV eavesdropping on you? It?s not the only one
  249. How a Lone Hacker Shredded the Myth of Crowdsourcing
  250. We are all digital gardeners!