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  1. slowest (insert day of the week here) ever
  2. Keep reporting bad hits!
  3. Funny Hit
  4. Where's the work?
  5. Can you help me find bad HITs?
  6. How often do you see a HIT, intend to do some of it but then never do much?
  7. Setting goals
  8. 9/11 hit
  9. How many times have you hit 100?
  10. Just got my first money transfer!
  11. Question: how many Turkers does it take to change a lightbulb?
  12. What do you tell people about Turking?
  13. How can it be?
  14. How often do you get distracted turking?
  15. A question about posting numerous transcriptionsas a batch
  16. They have to be kidding!
  17. Programming skills
  18. MTURK and the Urban Dictionary
  19. Hardcore Turkers...what's your daily goal?
  20. How long to get going?
  21. Facing the Monday Blues
  22. Amazon incompetence strikes again
  23. Which Do You Prefer? Amazon Gift Cards or Transfer to Bank Account?
  24. Am I the only one that stresses out when....
  25. Letter to requesters?
  26. International Workers – What do you buy with your earnings?
  27. What's a typical turking day like for you? Please reply!
  28. How many of you have done HITs for a person and it parlayed itself into more?
  29. how do you keep track?
  30. MTurking as a living, a part-time job, or less
  31. Lights went out
  32. How do you decide how many Hits of a particular type to do?
  33. Dealing with mass rejections?
  34. Is it wrong of me...?
  35. My First Transfer!!!!
  36. Best day of the week?
  37. Requester posting Worker IDs
  38. Lack of Canadian turks blues :(
  39. Rest periods
  40. Your Weekly Worker Activity Report
  41. Broke $20 for the first time ever!!!
  42. Test a platform that helps you find HITs based on your interests
  43. Ever do something stupid?
  44. No Rejection Tips Discussion
  45. Starting to love Sundays
  46. We need some more good requesters
  47. Who has been turking the longest?
  48. No captchas was nice while it lasted
  50. I did It!!! First $100 day
  51. .01 cent hits
  52. Mturking on the holidays
  53. Sellers with cheap shipment international shipment
  54. How do you answer "What do you do for a living?" when you're a Turker?
  55. Where does it go?
  56. Weird email from Mech Turk Experiment - spam?
  57. Apparently Amazon shows my full name to requestors if I contact them.
  58. Have you ever written half of an article, done the research, and noticed....
  59. Mechanical Turk on LinkedIn
  60. Why do scammers always make up the weirdest-sounding names for themselves?
  61. What's up with all the credit report HITs?
  62. I finally did it!
  63. Hi! I'm Begonia S. Matterhorn, and I need YOUR SSN!
  64. Turkey Day Turking -- What can we expect?
  65. So proud of myself!
  66. What's up with all the requesters asking you to set up a credit report lately?
  67. this is pretty good isn't it?
  68. Requesters that require qualifications, but never give them out
  69. I am so glad I found mturk!!
  70. API "Improvement:" Majority rules with a single API call!
  71. Rejected! for my opinion
  72. Do you take days off?
  73. This is random but funny
  74. Requesters Who Change Their Name
  75. Please tell me I'm not batsh*t crazy!
  76. On a Roll!
  77. What are you working towards?
  78. How long have you gone without sleep and just kept turking??
  79. Realizing a "D'oh!" moment a day too late
  80. Anyone else having an amazing HIT day today?
  81. Pretty Bad Rejection Day
  82. How do you stay focused?
  83. My Requesters must be on Christmas vacation
  84. Random (somewhat personal) questions
  85. I can't believe I did this..
  86. Poll: What's your Turking Set-up?
  87. low paying hits
  88. Coming home to approved hits!
  89. The most disturbing, heart wrenching hit
  90. A quick warning about FireFox 9
  91. Are you multilingual?
  92. Drinking and Turking
  93. 138,000 HITs available
  94. Turking and Unemployment
  95. Verifying income from mTurk
  96. All at once or nothing, please and thank you!
  97. Should be back at 97% by tonight!
  98. When You Mess Up Twice in a Row (Whine)
  99. Staying organized!
  100. What do they use the HIT answers for on these crazy HITs?
  101. Anyone see their own content?
  102. Turking when sick
  103. How much do you rely on your turking money?
  104. Theres a decent amount of HITs...
  105. Twice in one day
  106. International Amazon Shoppers - Package forwarders
  107. Silly researcher tricks
  108. Goodbye Mturk (last month working)
  109. What have we learned this week?
  110. I'd rather be turkin' than workin'
  111. Turking Anxieties
  112. How a requester can stop workers from doing their HITs more than once
  113. Why mTurkers Rock..
  114. Turking at work!
  115. Approval Times
  116. Bad English
  117. Mturk on Resume?
  118. Dumbest Thing
  119. HITs that wipe you out emotionally
  120. not hitting the accept button
  121. Weekend turking
  122. Stupid broken hits
  123. I got my big girl hair! Also, I need to whine about surveys and burnout.
  124. Excited I hit my first personal turking milestone :)
  125. Mturk burn out?
  126. Dumbest HIT you got rejected for
  127. less than 1000 hits
  128. lawyers as turkers?
  129. Don't Be Fooled By The HIT count at 245K
  130. Asking for a rejection
  131. 1000th hit approved!!!! FINALLY!
  132. How did you find out about Mturk
  133. Turking in the Skies
  134. Broke 1000 Hits Today
  135. How many hits are you qualified to do?
  136. First writing hit kicked back to me to edit
  137. Haven't worked in over a month
  138. Cheap Trend
  139. How often do you take a chance on unknown requesters?
  140. Wow...today sucks!
  141. 300,000+ hits
  142. Any College Turkers out there?
  143. Turking in odd places
  144. Scammers on mturk
  145. My turking goal today is
  146. How Do You Get Motivated?
  147. Damn, messing around on M-Turk for a day adds to your hit count
  148. Dashboard Addict
  149. Got my first bonus!
  150. How Many Hours do you work per day?
  151. I love Google.
  152. Mturk a bit spammy today
  153. Best HIT Feedback
  154. Have You Ever Seen Your mTurk Work in the "Real" World?
  155. Is Mturk slow for anyone else today?
  156. Privacy, shmivacy
  157. Favorite non-monetary rewards to Mturk
  158. HITs available
  159. It's like Tetris
  160. Hard/soft blocks - no such thing
  161. So close...
  162. Clicking refresh
  163. GRRR...I forgot to ACCEPT the HIT!
  164. Don't reveal your hourly wage!
  165. What are your Daily mTurkin' Goals?
  166. Ever wonder what Mturk looks like from the other side?
  167. 496,156 HITs Availabe Now
  168. Do you ever have those days where all your hits turn to poop.
  169. Employee of the Moment?
  170. noticing quite a bit of iphone app ToS violating hits lately
  171. Why I do penny hits
  172. A Much Earned Rejection
  173. Elderly Turkers--I'm 65 --is anybody out there
  174. Low number of HITS available
  175. how many hits do you do in a week?
  176. Annoying scam HITs like credit reports/prepaid debit cards/etc
  177. Stupid firefox and weird hit bug
  178. Hate it when it seems a waste of time
  179. Must think people are really gullible...
  180. Technical Hurk
  181. How knowledge gained on this forum helped me
  182. How to Attract More Good Requesters to Mturk?
  183. Any turkers from the UK/Europe?
  184. Letting hits rot
  185. Made $10 my first day turking :D
  186. Am I the only one who will accidentally return a HIT? :-(
  187. Do you ever just feel like taking a day off?
  188. The "Good" about MTurk!
  189. Perfect grammer
  190. Just curious.. Do you mentally make mTurk a game?
  191. Echo...echo...
  192. Rejections and blocks - how do they influence you?
  193. It Just Figures
  194. After 2 years, I finally made my first $10!
  195. My first mass rejection :-(
  196. Lowest number of HITS available.
  197. I think I need to focus my attention...
  198. What do you LOVE about Mturk?
  199. How long have you been with MTurk?
  200. My first rejection
  201. When you turk..
  202. Less than a month and $105 !!!
  203. 1st in the books!
  204. Mechanical Turk Skepticism
  205. SQUEE!! I feel productive now!!
  206. What's your "sweet spot"?
  207. Turk Dreams
  208. Shout out to Turker Nation!
  209. What is the strangest thing you have seen in a hit or it's description/instructions?
  210. Sleep or Turk
  211. My turking was fail today
  212. Does turking give you repetitive strain injuries?
  213. Yay! One month mTurk anniversary
  214. Low hits
  215. It's one of those days.
  216. Ugh, I'm unmotivated
  217. Summer
  218. Whooee spammy spammy sunday!
  219. Is turking addictive?
  220. First item I bought with Mturk money
  221. Thoughts about receiving email from Requesters you've worked for about new HITs?
  222. Have you memorized your worker ID?
  223. Changes in mTurk over time
  224. Just now made it to barely over $100! Yahoo!
  225. The Pomodoro Technique and Turking
  226. New mTurk CAPTCHA's
  227. Am I the only one?
  228. My daily struggle
  229. First $100 Dollars and First 100 Posts In The Same Day
  230. too many careless mistakes :(
  231. How much do you make per hour?
  232. Slow lately?
  233. How many of you guys (and girls) use mTurk as your only source of income?
  234. Requesters allowed to bait and switch?
  235. Yay, Approval received! (Finally...whew!)
  236. I think I found my new addiction...
  237. Just got blocked by a requester, Hello Monday?
  238. Seriously? For ten cents? You must be joking.
  239. What does everyone think about all the requester specific communities?
  240. Requester Cuts the Payment
  241. Don't be phished! mTurk scam alert!
  242. HITs that only work on Windows, IE, etc.
  243. An Up and Down Kind of Day
  244. I am seeing more and more tasks that require 1000 hits completed...
  245. When you're a discouraged Turker
  246. I got my first bonus!
  247. Had my first payout after the 30-day limit
  248. Getting back into Turking after an awesome trip is hard.
  249. Turking is bumming me out, how do you guys do it?
  250. I just don't know what I would do without mTurk