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  1. New forum!
  2. Major problems with server
  3. Tapatalk should be active
  4. An important reminder for all members
  5. HIT Statistics & Screenshots
  6. Posting video links
  7. Due to abuse, posts in Turker Introductions no longer count towards post count
  8. Your post count from the old forum has been lost
  9. New Forum Sign-Ups Are Off
  10. HoF/S Thumbs Down/Smiley icons should now show in search
  11. Google+ link now on forum
  12. New faster server for TN = fewer server load problems!
  13. Turker Nation Facebook Page
  14. Turker Nation Twitter Feed
  15. Reminder about posting in the Hall of Fame/Shame
  16. When the kids can't play nice, the playground is closed
  17. If you see someone being rude, REPORT THE POST
  18. Why can't I reach TurkerNation.com?
  19. Access to full forum is now a little easier
  20. Turk Alert
  21. Automated alerts come to TurkerNation chat
  22. Facebook Like button
  23. If you want a fancy "Super Forum Supporter" title and blue username...
  24. AOL users: our emails are being blocked
  25. Webchat works again! :)
  26. Downtime is coming
  27. New gender option: Other
  28. Quick Reply Double Posting Error Fix?
  29. Do you want your worker ID on my list of good workers?
  30. How to block past workers from doing new batches of HITs (API & GUI instructions)
  31. How to Use the In Comparator to allow multiple countries to do your HITs (GUI only)
  32. "Spamgirl" on Reddit
  33. Changes to the navigation for the chatroom
  34. Reputation stars removed
  35. There is no minimum mTurk pay rate, and Turker Nation never said there was
  36. TN mentioned on French TV show
  37. No more ads on TN!
  38. Our Moderators are well trained, so please abide by their actions
  39. NEW Chat app installed on TurkerNation - clear cache to use it
  40. Merry Christmas to all and a LUCRATIVE, peaceful, and healthy New Year!
  41. Removed the Facebook Like buttons from the site
  42. Cookie consent & statement
  43. OOPS! Forum hasn't been sending emails out since the 29th, sorry :(