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  1. How to email workers directly?
  2. how to set requester name to company name, or other pseudonym?
  3. Need tips on pricing HITs
  4. Strategies for getting reliable results?
  5. Excluding workers (from retaking surveys, doing too many HITs, etc.)
  6. Troublesome workers
  7. Crediting new workers
  8. Can I change the staus of a worker from rejected to accepted. Howrogive bonus.
  9. How to post a HIT for a single worker
  10. problem with paying bonuses
  11. How to deal with foreign workers doing US-only HITs?
  12. How do I contact workers who ran out of time during their HITs?
  13. Need to reverse rejections? Here is an easy tool to do it:
  14. How to use qualifications properly
  15. How to create and give a qualification through the GUI (requester.mturk.com)
  16. mTurk WebUI defaults to using Masters, costs 5% extra: how to turn it OFF
  17. How to post batches of more than one HIT at a time through the GUI
  18. How to get the most out of the sandbox feature?
  19. How to allow a variable number of responses within a HIT?
  20. How can I reduce the number of assignments?
  21. How to pay bonuses in batches?
  22. Screening Duplicate AMT workers using Qualtrics
  23. How to create a dummy HIT?
  24. Posting Pictures in HIT requests
  25. Can we do a NOT Masters qualification through the API?
  26. Qualtrics not providing confirmation codes? Here's how to fix it!
  27. Using CSV Files to Create Multiple HITs in the Requester UI
  28. Make the Manage HITs page faster with this Chrome extension
  29. How to pay a worker who did the work but didn't submit the HIT (API only)
  30. Automatically changing a qualification value + how to manually change qual scores
  31. How to quickly assign a qualification to all of your past workers in the GUI
  32. Amazon Mechanical Turk Guide for Social Scientists
  33. User Guide for the Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools v1.3.0
  34. Editing the Survey Link Project Template in the UI
  35. Editing Project Templates that Include Images
  36. How do I purchase prepaid HITs on Mechanical Turk?
  37. How to determine your Requester ID
  38. How to contact Amazon as a Requester
  39. Managing Qualifications with the Requester User Interface
  40. Need advice on how to get my survey-link to provide codes for workers
  41. GUI: How to give a qualification to a Worker that has never completed a HIT for you
  42. Python APIs?
  43. How to Edit the Moderation of an Image Template
  44. How to bulk email workers
  45. How to validate survey completion code in mTurk and disallow entry of wrong code?
  46. Hosting your HIT images using Amazon S3
  47. List of possible errors for AssignQualification operation
  49. How to Disable Pressing the Enter Key to Submit HITs
  50. Is there anyway to revoke a qualification from a worker without sending alert?
  51. Retrieving information from a HIT that is no longer reviewable
  52. How to exclude workers on a large scale using a qualification, Python, and Boto
  53. Requester Etiquette
  54. Using Java API, two HITs I create have the same HITGroupID, why?
  55. Force the worker to accept the HIT before the survey link appears
  56. How to make your radio buttons appear in random configurations
  57. Random Question about HIT visibility
  58. How to allow each worker to do more than one HIT in a HIT group using GUI
  59. How to prevent empty fields (workers submitting fields blank)
  60. Mechanical Turk For Developers: Part 1 ? Creating A High Quality HIT With Javascript
  61. MTurk Developer Guide: Part 2 ? Uploading HITs With Python
  62. New post on studying class online
  63. Survey not getting done? Here are the best qualifications to use to make sure it gets finished
  64. Workaround to Avoid 40% Amazon #mturk fees - Non-API Survey Requesters (full instructions for GUI!)
  65. Concerns regarding methods for avoiding the 40% fee
  66. How to give feedback to a Turker instead of rejecting response first?
  67. New tutorial on managing mturk data using Python and Boto
  68. Surveycode present in Qualtrics but not on MTurk. How do I pay the worker?
  69. How to verify bonus payments for requesters (Tjololo @ Reddit)
  70. Not sure what I'm doing wrong (test batch), want to do for 16,000 records
  71. HTML for collapsible panels/lists, etc.
  72. Advice on collecting multiple pieces of data
  73. How to get workers?
  74. How to reject while using the Categorization template
  75. Advice on data collection task that may seem complex at first but is fairly simple and straightforward
  76. mTurk HIT Fees Calculator
  77. Help ! I made a mistake
  78. Ethical Survey Withdraws: Add a Withdraw Button to Qualtrics Surveys (to pay those who drop out)
  79. New, unable to find workers?
  80. First time requesters need advice on how to use eligibility criteria for workers
  81. New Requester - Need some help designing a HIT
  82. Help! A few workers report the link cannot be found, but most people are ok with the link
  83. Suggestions for text to XML transcriptions
  84. Mass rejected, now need help getting workers
  85. Transient "not found" errors
  86. New requester needs help on how to design request
  87. Feedback on HIT wording and pricing
  88. How to start? Advise on designing good HITs / Setting Price
  89. How to get more workers to participate in my HIT
  90. How to send email reminders to the qualified workers?
  91. QUICK HELP REQUEST (New Requester Questions)
  92. New requester--very few workers taking on my task, thought I've done everything right!
  93. A few questions from a New Requester
  94. Global survey is it worth adding HIT approval rate? & Pricing
  95. 2 quick questions on launching MTurk surveys
  96. Extending a Batch project?
  97. Setting a HIT to get feedback for a HIT?
  98. Asking to rate our HIT / pricing
  99. Extra hits but not charged?
  100. Looking for workers who completed my HIT but server timed out before submission - I'd like to compensate you!
  101. new requester -- how to recruit East Asian Canadians?
  102. New Requester Questions: IDs, Links, and Unique Workers
  103. Help with reversing rejections!
  104. New requester seeking feedback on a series of HITs
  105. New requester seeking feedback on HIT for website feedback
  106. New Requester - Looking for insight into Pricing a HIT for data collection
  107. New requester questions
  108. mturk workers by (european) country